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SEO Spam Emails

Something that frustrates me is the onslaught of SPAM SEO emails from companies and individuals phishing for your information. I often receive forwards from clients sending me these emails asking me to look into the claims, or suggesting that we must be missing...

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SEO Audits & SEO Hijacking | Ep 315

John and Ross welcome fellow SEO veterans Doc Sheldon and David Harry on the show to discuss a frighteningly impressive website hack that is designed to hijack SEO results. The discussion moves into other interesting findings in SEO audits, improving page speed, and...

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Do XML Sitemaps Need to Load Fast?

Today on SEO 101 the guys talk about Google beating Amazon for product-search reach, but rivaling sees greater loyalty. Google sends “violating ad experiences” violation notices to site owners. They also discuss Google’s push for SSL, and Changing “Date Published”...

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