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for your business.

by getting Google to know, like, and trust your website.

There are many reasons you could be looking for a dependable web marketing company…

You Might be Like Sam, An Overwhelmed In-House Marketer…

“I am a passionate marketer, but I am spread thin. I’m sure if I had a helping hand it would make a huge difference in our business.”

Or Maybe You’re Like Maggie

“I am tired of looking for a marketer I can trust. I keep getting burned! I am desperate to find a company that gets results, so I can work with them long term – as my business grows.”

How About Audrey

“My website has been performing well for years. Over the last while, though, sales have dropped and companies are pushing me out of Google. What am I doing wrong? I’m losing sleep over this!”

Or Shawn

“I have been running the paid ads and SEO for my website for years, but I’m tired and I need to focus on other things. I want to find a team to take it over and take results to the next level.”

The StepForth

7 Step System for Web Marketing Success!

Competitor Intelligence
Competitor Intelligence

We are competitor Ninjas!
We can get in the back doors of any of your competitors. And come out with the blueprint outlining the secrets of their results.

Search Engine Optimization Boost
Optimization Boost

This is like adding rocket fuel to your car! We take the website you have and supercharge your results!

PPC Ad Empowerment
Ad Empowerment!

We help you pick from the buffet of ad options based on your likes, budget and goals. Here we make sure your audience knows where you are and what problem you solve!

Authority Building
Authority Building

This gives your business some real muscle! We get you in shape so that you have clout,
impact and stability for your business.

Social Media Marketing
Social Outreach Playbook

No more wasting time for you! This playbook is the answer to your social media headaches. Know what the plays are and if/when to use them in this constantly changing game of social media.

Success Tracking Dashboard
Success Tracking Dashboard

Business is a numbers game and we show you the goods! No guesswork here! Clear, concise information that is easy to understand, digest and act upon. We make numbers fun!

SEO Results Accelerator
The Results Accelerator

Building on success we have a wide variety of tools to constantly tweak and outperform your previous results.

What our clients are saying

“I’ve had nothing but good success with StepForth. And I can share with you that in the first six months after having started with Ross, our return on investment was 35 to 1. That actually is far superior to what we were getting. Not only in terms of existing physician referrals, but also our existing patient referrals combined, we began to see more new patients just from our actual, SEO work with Ross.”

– Dr. Dale Macdonald, Elite Sport Performance

35 to 1

return on investment

“We started back in the early 2000s with StepForth and I’d say we’ve launched 3 or 4 websites since then with their marketing services. And we’ve just been very happy. We love the results, the communication, and the customer service that we get every time we’re working with StepForth. They produce.”

– Greg Esterhai, Foresite Sports Inc.

17 years

of success with StepForth

“When we first started Sitka Law in 2016, we had actually no reviews or no rankings on Google. Since using StepForth at the outset, we have rocketed up the rankings in Google and we’re now first on a number of different search engine results, including real estate lawyers, and business lawyers. The relationship that we’ve had with StepForth has been fantastic for our business, and we really appreciate the insight and the advice that they’ve provided us.”

– Christian Hoy, Sitka Law

0 to 91

top 10 rankings

Want to know how to get Google
to know, like, and trust your website?

Our Clients

Who is Ross Dunn?

Back in 1997, our CEO, Ross Dunn, was a Skipper at a whale watching company. Yes! A professional whale watcher! Working for Prince of Whales Whale Watching he had many responsibilities. One day, he was asked if he could build them a website. So, he built his first commercial website! (Jumping ahead, they became his first and longest client for 21 years).

Ross enjoyed creating the website, but he had to learn how to get it ranked. At the time, no one else was doing this work. Primarily, graphic designers did all the website work and much like today, it’s easy to make a website look good that no one will find. He then ranked an online Casino – #1 for the keyword “poker” and his business exploded!

Shortly after, Ross was hired by Time Inc to do competitor analysis. He was also brought into Sports Illustrated and Fortune magazine to do in-house training. Before he knew it, Ross was doing speaking gigs, took over a podcast for WMR.FM, and was in several newspaper articles.

He found his work was exciting, but he wanted to make an even bigger impact. He found he could do this with small and medium businesses. And this is where StepForth was born!

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The SEO 101 Podcast
with Ross Dunn

The SEO 101 Podcast on WMR.FM has been hosted by our CEO, Ross Dunn since 2009. The podcast has been favourited by Google’s own John Mueller, regularly cited as a top podcast on SEO by top sites like Search Engine Journal and HubSpot, and has over 3 million downloads and counting.

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