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Digital Dashboard Management & Monitoring

Google Analytics Monitoring & Reporting

Review Building

Online to Offline Direct Mail Outreach (StepForth PostTargeting)

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Competitor Monitoring

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“When we started, we had no reviews or rankings on Google. Since using StepForth, we have rocketed up the rankings in Google and we’re now first on different search engines

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It’s been a fantastic relationship for us. One of the things that have been really important to us with StepForth, is communication. They communicate with us on a monthly basis and advise us what we need to do to enhance our position and how we can assist. They don’t just do that though. They also do work behind the scenes and advise us what they’ve done and how it’s going to assist us.

Something that’s been important for us as well is to have a long term relationship with them…so that we can ensure that our rankings will continue to drive up the boards and stay in the positions that we want to be in overall. The relationship that we’ve had with StepForth has been fantastic for our business, and we really appreciate the insight and the advice that they’ve provided us.”


Christian Hoy, Partner




“We’ve been with Ross and StepForth for a few years now, and I must say that the service has been amazing. Our business has probably picked up 30-40% since we’ve used them. The level of service and customer care is just unmatched.

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We’ve used some other companies before, but none of them has been even close to the customer service that Ross and his team provided us. I recommend them to anyone out there that’s looking for a good company to help expand their business or grow in any way. Ross is a really good guy and easy to work with. Their staff has just done a phenomenal job for us.”


– Robert Hayward




“We came to hire StepForth after many interviews and evaluations which showed StepForth, and Ross Dunn had more knowledge, background and dedication to the subject matter around search engine optimization…

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Of course, I did my due diligence but could find no fault. In fact, I came upon, time after time, people that praise their work. That meant a lot. This held true as we went through the web creation project. The team at StepForth, worked side by side with our web creative company and myself, offering key advice and direction so that we began with the best product moving forward.

StepForth Web Marketing was always there with proactive, not reactive plans to help keep our online presence as competitive as possible

Since leaving Accent Inns, I’ve worked for a few other people and now have my own company, and I’ve always called on Ross and his StepForth Web Marketing team if we need help or if a client needs help or advice.

I will always call on StepForth Web Marketing when it comes to SEO advice. Their my go-to, PERIOD, and I can’t recommend them enough.”


– John Espley




“After being hit by Penguin [update] a number of years ago, Ross and his team performed miracles in resolving the issues…with their technical SEO and site changes, we were back on the first page of the SERPs in 3 months and back in #1 after 5 months.

We then had him do the tech SEO on our other two sites at the time which consolidated their rankings. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ross & his Team for SEO consulting wherever in the world you are.”

- Bruce Bromley

“In a matter of weeks, we were already dominating the top positions for all our target phrases. It has been nearly a year since the initial optimization efforts and our placements continue to retain top rankings.

The team at StepForth has been a pleasure to work with and their high level of professionalism and expertise have provided results above and beyond our initial expectations.”

- Darren Gill

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