Explore the latest SEO developments, including a potential Google update, bug fixes, WordPress speed enhancements, and Google’s AI-powered Chrome update. Plus, listener questions were answered on URL versions and server errors. Stay informed and boost your SEO game with this episode!

Show Notes:

  • A possible Google search ranking update occurred on Jan 23/24, with chatter on WebmasterWorld and changes noticed in Semrush but not other trackers.
  • Some see ranking drops while others don’t; it might be an Analytics bug or a real update.
  • Google confirmed a ranking bug in November 2023, affecting a small number of websites with vanity TLDs, but it’s now resolved.
  • Google plans a major update to its SEO Starter Guide, aiming to simplify and remove technical jargon, catering to users of WordPress, WIX, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.
  • Google is testing a “chat with a live agent” button in organic search results, which could replace live agents with AI agents in the future.
  • WordPress released two plugins for speeding up webpages, including one for pre-rendering URLs and another for lazy-loaded images.
  • Google is testing Nearby Events and Deals in local search results to help local businesses boost conversions.
  • Google launched an AI-powered Chrome update with features like grouping related tabs and creating personalized themes, with more AI enhancements planned.
  • In response to a Facebook question about URL versions, it’s advised to use the version you see in the address bar, and trailing slashes may vary.
  • Another Facebook question asks about solving server errors caused by non-existent URLs crawled by Google; suggestions include finding the source, using tools, and 301 redirects.

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