How We Helped a Plastics Manufacturing Company Achieve a 254% Increase in Organic Search Traffic

Our objective was to improve their search engine rankings for relevant keywords in order to increase organic search traffic.

Keyword Research
Site Audit
PPC Campaigns
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Brief Background

A leading Australian manufacturer of plastic fabrications approached StepForth Web Marketing for help in improving its organic search traffic. They had a website but struggled to attract relevant traffic, resulting in poor lead generation and low online visibility. Our team conducted a thorough audit of their website and developed a customized SEO strategy that aimed to increase their organic search traffic.

SEO Audit and Recommendations

Our SEO Audit and Recommendations service provided a thorough analysis of the website’s SEO performance and offered actionable recommendations for improved rankings and visibility.

Page-Level Optimization

Our Page Level Optimization service was designed to optimize their individual pages for maximum impact, boosting search engine visibility and enhancing user experience.

PPC Campaigns

Our PPC service propelledtheir online advertising efforts, driving targeted traffic, maximizing conversions, and delivering exceptional ROI through strategic campaign management and optimization.

The Procedure


Our SEO team developed a customized strategy that involved the following steps:

1) Conducting a thorough audit of their website to identify technical SEO issues and opportunities for improvement.

2) Analyzing the competitive landscape to understand the market and identify relevant keywords for optimization.

3) Developing high-quality, optimized content for the website to target the identified keywords and improve the website’s relevance and authority.

4) Building high-quality backlinks to the website to improve its authority and credibility.

5) Optimizing the website’s on-page elements such as titles, meta descriptions, and header tags to improve its relevance and user experience.



Our team executed the strategy meticulously, starting with fixing technical SEO issues such as broken links, page speed optimization, and mobile responsiveness. We then optimized the website’s content to target the identified keywords, ensuring that it was informative, engaging, and valuable to users. We also created an effective link building strategy to attract high-quality backlinks to the website, which improved its domain authority and credibility.

The Results

The results of our SEO campaign were outstanding, and they saw a remarkable improvement in their organic search traffic.

Top 5

For all Targeted Keywords


Increase in Search Traffic

Top 5

For all Targeted Keywords


Increase in Search Traffic

Organic Traffic

  • In 2018, we kicked off our work to increase organic search visits.
  • In 2019, their organic traffic increased to 1076%.
  • In 2020, their organic traffic further increased over the previous year another 174%.
  • In 2021, their organic traffic has stabilized at an impressive 104% of visits since the previous year.
    An increase of 1947% since we began!

Total Organic Rankings

  • From January to September 2021, they achieved top 5 rankings for all their targeted keywords.
  • In 2021, they saw a remarkable increase in their organic rankings, with a 254% increase in their top-ranking keywords.

The success of our SEO campaign for this plastics manufacturing company demonstrates the importance of having a customized SEO strategy that targets the right keywords and leverages high-quality content and backlinks. Our team’s expertise in technical SEO, content development, and link building played a crucial role in achieving these results, and we continue to work with them to maintain and improve their organic search traffic.

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