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“When we started, we had no reviews or rankings on Google. Since using StepForth, we have rocketed up the rankings in Google and we’re now first on different search engines

It’s been a fantastic relationship for us. One of the things that have been really important to us with StepForth, is communication. They communicate with us on a monthly basis and advise us what we need to do to enhance our position and how we can assist. They don’t just do that though. They also do work behind the scenes and advise us what they’ve done and how it’s going to assist us.

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Something that’s been important for us as well is to have a long term relationship with them…so that we can ensure that our rankings will continue to drive up the boards and stay in the positions that we want to be in overall. The relationship that we’ve had with StepForth has been fantastic for our business, and we really appreciate the insight and the advice that they’ve provided us.”

Christian Hoy, Partner




“Hi, I’m Dr Dale McDonald, I’m the clinical director of Elite Sport Performance, Calgary PRP Clinic and the Knee Clinic, which is Alberta’s only private knee clinic. I’ve been in practice for 18 years and over that time have wasted scads of money on magazine ads and newspaper ads and basically any number of different ways to throw money needlessly away on advertising that, quite frankly, didn’t work. We’ve ascribed to the notion of just simply doing a good job clinically in allowing that to generate referrals both from physicians as well as from existing patients. 

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And thankfully, that’s been a very reliable and robust way to grow a practice. But with the advent of our Knee Clinic in 2010, we began to look for ways to improve our scope of reach across the country. And so naturally, we turned to search engine optimization. I dabbled with a couple of different search engine optimization providers and got burned pretty badly on three separate occasions. Finally, and with great trepidation, I was introduced to Ross Dunn from StepForth, and all of my nervousness began to dissipate the more I spoke with him. He clearly is a guy who knows exactly what he’s doing, and his company is very professional. I’ve had nothing but good success with them. And I can share with you that in the first six months after having started with Ross, our return on investment was 35 to 1. That actually is far superior to what we were getting. Not only in terms of existing physician referrals, but also our existing patient referrals combined, we began to see more new patients just from our actual, SEO work with Ross. And now here we are, years later. The relationship is going beautifully well, and I believe we’re still (I checked just the other day) at a 17 to 1 return on investment for the money that we spend. So, I use that as a pretty clear indication that I’m actually, being helped by the right people and that my money is being put to very, very good use. I look forward to many more years to come and hopefully this information is of some use to somebody else. Thank you.”

– Dr. Dale Macdonald, Clinical Director




“My name is Greg Estherhai, and I’m the owner of Foresite Sports. We are an insurance broker that specializes in the niche insurance space. We have a few different brands each with a website, that we rely heavily on online marketing for those sites. We have actually been working with StepForth consistently for the last 15 plus years and have been very happy. And it’s my pleasure to be able to give a, really wholehearted review of StepForth and their services. 

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We started back in the early 2000s, working with Ross and Scott and their team there at StepForth and our goal at the time was, to have the very first website that we had put together to simply have it ranked well organically within Google and Bing. And, that was our focus at the outset, and we simply had some keywords that we wanted to perform well for and went to them on that, and we were very happy. Right at the beginning of our relationship, they were able to sort of educate us and give us pointers and obviously a direction and a plan for how we could do that. And we were very successful in doing that with that very first website that we put together. We have since put up. I’d say three or four other websites since then and worked with StepForth on those now each of those brands targeting different terms based on the insurance product that we’re selling. And we’ve just been very happy. We love the communication, the customer service that we get every time we’re working with StepForth. They produce. The results are not immediate. Anybody who tells you that they will be immediate, they’re not telling you the truth. But StepForth sticks with it and helps us. And like I said, um has been great and just being able to set our expectations, provide us with a plan and a strategy to achieve our goals, which has been awesome. So definitely a wholehearted recommendation for StepForth and their team. Thanks, guys, for all the great work all these years.”

– Greg Esterhai, Owner, Foresite Sports Inc.



Thorough, helpful, professional, and the level of their work couldn’t be higher. They always help me get what I want sorted out and turned into reality. .. and always in a timely way.

They cover the range of what is needed today to build an effective Internet business presence. Many thanks to both of you. I look forward to recommending you to others and to doing more work with you.

- Michael Linehan

I highly recommend Ross Dunn and Stepforth for SEO services and management of PPC campaigns.

Recently, we upgraded our website, many necessary changes we made had unintended negative impacts on our search traffic.

I particularly appreciated how quickly Ross responded to my situation. He not only sent us a list of corrections to implement, but patiently answered my never ending questions.

I have worked with Stepforth off and on for many years and always found them all to be thorough and to the point.

- Bob Truog

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