Explore the fundamentals of SEO in this 6th episode of the SEO 101 Learning Series. Discover essential tools like Google Analytics and SEMRush, low-cost rank tracking options, and custom dashboards for data centralization. Learn effective evaluation techniques, cost-saving strategies, and the importance of monitoring site health. Stay updated with cutting-edge SEO trends and techniques!

Show Notes:

  • Free tools for monitoring rankings and results: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Schema Validator, and Google Rich Results Test.
  • Low-cost Rank Tracking Apps: BrightLocal, Authority Labs, MOZ, AHrefs, and SEMRush.
  • Custom Dashboard Solution using tools like Google Data Studio (e.g., Looker Studio) to display all essential data points on a single URL. While it may involve costly data connectors, StepForth Web Marketing typically covers this expense in the service, and occasionally, it can be tailored to include your internal data and metrics.
  • Evaluating results: Don’t be too reactive, understand Google SERPs take time to stabilize after updates, consider topic footprint, internal linking, schema, media, authorship.
  • Keeping costs low for building authority: ChatGPT
  • Being aggressive with higher end tools to Build Authority: link building, content at scale, press releases, hiring influencers.
  • Monitoring site health tools: Screaming Frog (free version available), SEMRush, and AHrefs.
  • Issues to check for: Response codes, errors, redirects, robots.txt blocks, security issues, hacking signs, and overall rankings.
  • Plugins & CMS version: Keep CMS and plugins/modules up to date.
  • Pushing the envelope with cutting-edge techniques: Consider other search engines, AI, and voice search.

Google Analytics – Google’s free web analytics service for tracking and reporting website traffic and user behavior.
Google Search Console –  A free tool by Google that helps webmasters monitor and maintain their website’s presence in Google Search results.
Schema Validator –  A tool for validating structured data (schema markup) on your website to improve its visibility in search results.
Google Rich Results Test – A Google tool for testing and previewing how your content appears in rich search results, like featured snippets and structured data.
BrightLocal – A rank tracking and local SEO tool that provides insights and reporting to improve your online visibility.
Authority Labs –  A platform for tracking and monitoring keyword rankings and SEO performance.
MOZ – A comprehensive SEO toolset offering keyword research, link analysis, and site optimization features.
AHrefs –  An SEO toolset for analyzing backlinks, keyword research, and competitive research.
SEMRush – A versatile SEO and digital marketing toolkit for keyword research, site auditing, and competitive analysis.
Google Data Studio (e.g., Looker Studio) –  A data visualization and reporting tool that can be customized to create dashboards with various data sources.
Screaming Frog – SEO software that crawls websites and checks for issues like broken links, duplicate content, and more.