Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Introducing Sarah-Hannah Bedard

We would like to introduce the newest member of our team, Sarah-Hannah Bedard.

Sarah-Hannah is our new Office Manager and Bookkeeper. Over the years Sarah-Hannah has managed many businesses including; a large phone company, a high end Home cinema and integrated media company, a Goldsmith studio and high end jewellery store as well as her own successfully run business of 19 years.

After moving back to Victoria to be closer to family, Sarah-Hannah met Ross and joined the StepForth team back in January. Among other tasks, her duties at StepForth include bookkeeping, project management, social media marketing, and helping to keep everything running smoothly around the office.

An excellent multi-tasker and problem solver, Sarah-Hannah is a ray of sunshine and a valued member of our team. Her sense of humour always keeps us laughing around the office.

When not whipping our office into shape, she enjoys spending time at home at her workbench making custom jewellery, reading, and exploring our beautiful city on her bike.

A graphic of the book cover

Today StepForth released a comprehensive manual on How to Setup Google Authorship which is available now for free as a web version or PDF download (right-click this link and save).

About this Free Manual

Written by Ross Dunn, CEO of StepForth, this unofficial manual is for anyone who writes regularly online and website owners/administrators of a website with or without a blog. It is designed to help everyone understand what Authorship is, why it is important and how to ensure it is setup for the greatest personal and/or professional benefit. 

This manual covers implementation of the rel=author and rel=publisher tags within the following scenarios and platforms: Read more…

It has come to our attention there really IS a social media guru out there and the gang at found him. Check out this startlingly profound video and share if you dare risk losing this edge you will now have on social media tactics!

YouTube Preview Image

Key Takeaways

If you need help making the best out of the myriad of social networks and strategies online here are a few thoughts: Read more…

On July 18th, 2012 I received a late phone call at my home from Price’s Alarms informing me the alarm at my office was set off by broken glass… when I arrived at the scene with a police officer we quickly realized this was no false alarm. As it turns out, someone had tried to gain access to our offices by way of the bottom window on our front door.

The thief’s plans, it seems, was to remove all of the wood molding around the glass, pop it out and then grab & dash some of our precious equipment. Fortunately, he was foiled by the industrial strength adhesive used to keep our shatter-proof glass on the door. That said, as you can see in the pictures below he did a great deal of damage to our door and we want him caught – but first we need anyone who may recognize him in the video below to contact the Victoria Police Department: 250-995-7654. Read more…