StepForth Web Marketing had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Douglas Magazine for their February-March 2018 entrepreneur issue. With a cameo feature, CEO Ross Dunn was able to give readers an inside look at the expanding frontier of SEO and the 5 most important business lessons as of 2018.

“Dunn, owner and CEO of Victoria-based StepForth Web Marketing (and co-owner of First Dentist Web Design & Marketing, a successful niche business that works with dentists around the world), has used that focus and forethought to help an impressive roster of clients over the past 20 years. Working with international companies such as and GolfAsian, and local companies such as Sante Spa at Bear Mountain, he’s established himself as the go-to specialist for web marketing.” – Douglas Magazine

With the help of author Athena McKenzie, Ross was able to articulate a road map of where SEO started and where it is now. SEO is a part of the ever-changing digital landscape; therefore, it has taken on an even more crucial role in business success. Take it from the man himself whose SEO 101 podcast is downloaded 30,000 times every month and favorited by Google’s very own John Mueller.

Heading into 2018 Ross can’t stress enough the importance of reviewing your SEO especially if you have, “been bitten by a bad SEO [consultant]”. Be skeptical of who you’re working with and the ethics they use to achieve your results, transparency is key no matter if you are a small or large business. You deserve the best results and being proactive will help your SEO and your agency’s partnership.

Read the entire article from Douglas Magazine and learn how your SEO can be a success in 2018!

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