Summary of SEO 101 Episode 394

John and Ross welcome the one and only Barry Schwartz on the show – finally! Barry is the founder and editor of Search Engine Roundtable, CEO of RustyBrick, and News Editor at Search Engine Land. The show first touches on Barry’s origin story, how he manages to get so much done each day, his favorite news sources, and more. The bulk of the episode explores news around Google Passages Ranking, how BERT might figure into Passages, the Request Indexing Feature, and the future of search.

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How did you get into this business? What did you do before you got into SEO? How the heck do you keep it up? You’re a machine!  What does your average weekday look like?  What do you use to consolidate all of your sources? Do you have a recommended tool to sift through news? (Feedly – Tweetdeck – Bookmarks – Content Budgeting System (his own, Rusty Budget) – bookmarklets).


Passages Ranking What are they? (not indexing – it’s ranking) Google says we don’t have to SEO for Passages (surprise!) I have already started working on updates on how we might do things in the Media space

  • What potential disruption to SEO do they present?
  • Where do you think it will show up?
  • Any speculation on how Google will identify passages within a page?
  • We speculated it would be another step towards a decent use case for single-page, longform websites. 

BERT With all the significant changes which happened in the Natural Language processing space over the last 12 months how will this change BERT as defined by Google. The SEL article by Dawn Anderson talks about how BERT may be connected to Passage

Request Indexing Feature Google recently said that the issue is not related to indexing issues they’ve had over the past few months. Any idea what’s going on there?

A 3rd Party Cookie-Less world – is coming It’s a big deal in programmatic but not hearing much in the SEO space, any thoughts on how SEO might change without cookies if at all?

Google’s Future as a Whole Do you think the potential breakup of Google would be good for innovation and likely bring another SE to the space? Apple Search?

End of Show Notes

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