Summary of SEO 101 Episode 360

The SEO 101 Logo for WebmasterRadio.FMThis episode is guest co-hosted by Scott Van Achte, Senior SEO for StepForth. Ross and Scott discuss Google’s notices to site owners to remove noindex directives from their Robots.txt.

They also discuss some more Google My Business issues such as the continuing bug in short names, a spotted new addition to editing a profile called “people also search for”, and more. Lastly, they answer some great questions from the show’s valued listeners.

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Google notifying webmasters to remove noindex from robots.txt filesSearch Engine Land

“If you are blocking your site from Google intentionally… and you want to keep it blocked, make sure you’re doing it correctly. Check your robots and make sure it’s not a noindex.” – Scott

‘Swipe to Visit’ has arrived on Google Images (for AMP-enabled sites only) – Search Engine Land

“Swipe to Visit,” a newly launched Google Images search feature, allows a user to see a preview of an AMP-enabled website’s header after clicking an image result. By swiping up on the preview, the user will be able to load the image’s corresponding web page, which then brings traffic to the publisher.

“AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a technology that was brought up by Google and is now well adapted. It’s designed for news websites and sites that have a lot of content that needs to be delivered quickly.” – Ross

Google My Business Issues

1. Google short names bug persists despite Google insisting it’s fixed Search Engine Land

In SEO 101 episode 359, Ross and John discussed the issue of missing Google My Business listings that were supposedly caused by a bug connected to GMB short names. According to Google, the issue was already fixed and the listings were fully restored.

But it seems to be not the case for some SEO, who continued to report a problem weeks later.

“Google said any current problems with suspended listings are likely the result of content or policy violations.”

google my business

2. “People also search for” in GMB’s suggest an editLocal Search Forum

“People also search for” is a unique feature in Google My Business’ ‘Suggest an edit’ section where a person suggesting an edit supposedly can type there whatever he wants.

Some claim to have noticed this feature, but most SEOs and users have yet to see it.

3. Google temporarily unable to transfer reviewsLocal Search Forum

From Rich Owings: “Due to a technical issue, we are unable to transfer the reviews for now. Our engineers are working on the issue, but they don’t have an estimate for when the issue will be resolved. Once the issue is fixed, we’ll troubleshoot further.”

Questions from SEO 101 Listeners

Ross and John also welcome some SEO-related concerns from listeners. Please listen to the show to find out their detailed answers to these questions.

1.) I have a question about how to optimize a client’s GMB profile. They are a service area business that just expanded their coverage from a few states to several more.

“I already added their new service areas, but am wondering whether to add a new business location. This is because they now have a customer visiting center closer to their new areas of coverage. However, this new location is actually a subcontractor for my client that has and continues to run its own business under its own name. They also have a GMB listing under their own name.

“Meanwhile, we have listed this subcontractor’s contact info on my client’s website.

“My question is, should I list the subcontractor’s location as a business location for my client in GMB? Would this confuse Google since there is already a business (with similar services) at that location?” – Jack F.

“It is likely going to pose a problem unless you have signage. It will certainly be a violation as far as I can tell unless there is clear evidence of your business at the location.” – Ross

2.) Does anyone know when the new Google gallery ads will be available to us all in Adwords?” – Scott E.

“Apparently it will be rolling out later this year sometime… It is coming to mobile browsers soon.” – Scott

3.) I’m looking for a review system similar to for soliciting reviews from clients. I’d like to find a white label program that I can offer my customers.” – Steven K.

“GatherUp is our best recommendation.” – Ross

4.) I’m setting up a new eco based company. I’d like to explore eco hosting. Out of these two companies which one would you opt for and why: (Option A or Option B)?” – Zena S.

“The ones you mentioned are very cheap. Not saying it can’t be possible that a cheap service will be good. But I’d be very careful about it.” – Ross

End of Show Notes

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