The Posterous LogoI recently wrote a half-teasing post about a branding issue Posterous appears to be having but I also noted that it is looking like another emerging winner in online social media and the reason is simple; it makes posting to a myriad of social media profiles as simple as writing a single email or clicking on a share button in your browser. I thought of a variety of different ways to explain how it works but I found a video that did all of the work for me. The video below from NBC’s Tech Now does an excellent job of illustrating how easy Posterous is to use and how it might help you manage your online social media persona.

I am just getting into using my own account at so I still have some experience to gain but I have to say it is brilliantly simple. For example, I found out about the Arrington Crunchpad tonight and I decided to Share it on Posterous. All I had to do was click a button my browser to share it and add comments if I wished and voila! My Twitter, Facebook and personal blog Consider it Dunn all got updated within seconds with the latest post – brilliantly simple indeed. I am not quite ready to use it to publish to our StepForth Web Marketing blog yet but I can see the day coming where I will.

by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth Web Marketing Inc.
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