They say that time is money in the business world. As truisms go, the statement is true enough. It was also once said that computers would be time saving devices. The second statement, as any beleaguered IT worker will tell you, is simply not true. Computers, as time saving devices, continue to belong in the flying car category of science-fiction based reality simply because time cannot be saved, it can only be managed. Read more…

The extremely useful Overture keyword suggestion page has been crashing over the past few days. Used by thousands of SEOs as a way to judge the user-popularity of specific words and phrases, the Overture Keyword Selection tool was an integral part of the SEO toolkit.

Thursday, August 12th, 2004

Yahoo Anti-Spy Toolbar

Yahoo has released a new version of its toolbar that targets, explains and eliminates spy-ware and ad-ware programs. Installed without user knowledge, spy-ware and ad-ware programs monitor your movement, your words and your communications. With spy-ware, information is fed back to the writer of the software. They sell that information to whomever wants to pay for it. You should know, that information is often personal, useful and identifiable. Important stuff like credit card numbers are NOT safe on your computer screen unless you are certain your computer is free of spyware. Ad-ware is slightly different in that it feeds advertising to your machine based on your surfing behaviors. A quick way to check for one form of ad-ware is to look in the upper left hand corner of your browser window. Do you see a small Netscape logo or an Internet Explorer logo, or do you see the logo for your local radio station? (this does not apply to MAC users or users of alternative browsers). Most ad-ware is more subtle than that though. If you don’t have another means of removing spyware and adware, try Yahoo’s new toolbar. Just a quick note though… Like the Google toolbar, the Yahoo toolbar feeds information back to its maker.

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

Tools Of The Trade

A carpenter has his hammer, a plumber his wrench, a doctor his scalpel, and an SEO … well an SEO too has a wide variety of tools at their disposal to aid in the process of producing a successful search engine placement campaign. From the selection and balancing of keywords to the building of links, there are tools that aid in the optimization and ranking process.

In today’s articles we will outline some of the most prominent and some of the best that we have found. Some of them are extremely useful, and some are just very “cool”. Read more…

Thursday, May 27th, 2004

Just The Stats Ma'am

Promoting a website can entail multiple forms of marketing from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to banner ads to search engine placement. While this is often a great way to go as it helps safeguard your business from fluctuations in any one area, it does lead to additional issues. A main consideration with these multiple facetted promotions is determining exactly which are producing a good ROI and which ones are just costing money with little or no value returned. Read more…

Since December 2003, StepForth has been using Clicktracks to analyze the statistics associated with some of our client web sites and the results have been very revealing. We are extremely impressed with the results provided by this software which is why were glad to hear that the smaller company Clicktracks tied with statistics giant WebTrends as the Best Marketing and Analysis Product available. The award was handed out by the prestigious website and has been added to the long list of amazing awards that Clicktracks has won since its inception. Read more…

Brought to you by Google Watch, the Scroogle search tool will tell you where your website would have placed based Google’s former algorithm. The name scroogle can mean one of two things: It might be a combination of Scrooge and Google, or it might indicate how many webmasters feel they have been treated by Google recently.

Happy December retail friends