I have long been a fan of ClickTracks and it’s professional line of analytics software. In my experience ClickTracks is leaps and bounds above its competition both for quality of software and quality of service. In the interests of full disclosure StepForth has been an advocate of ClickTracks since we bought our first copy in 2003 (or thereabouts) and I (Ross Dunn) recently completed my Professional ClickTracks Certification.

The following video interview was recorded at the ClickTracks presentation booth at the New York Search Engine Strategies Conference, yesterday, April 11th, 2007. To view the videos just click on the question and you will be taken to the appropriate YouTube page to view it. I hope you enjoy StepForth’s first round of video journalism.

The Interview with John Marshall of ClickTracks
Just click on a question to see John’s answer on YouTube.

And for all of those fellow Certified ClickTracks Professionals out there here is a question that maybe of interest to you: When will ClickTracks create a private forum for ClickTracks Professionals to network, discuss the software and share information?

A big thanks to John Marshall for his time and excellent, thoughtful replies. For more information about ClickTracks visit

by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth SEO Services
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