Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

BC Social Media Summit 2011

A photo of Ross Dunn and his fellow panelists at BC Social Media Summit 2010Tonight join StepForth’s CEO and SEO Specialist, Ross Dunn as he discusses the best ways to merge social media with search engine optimization for best effect. Ross is only one of the speakers – read on for the official advertisement for this event to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation.

7-9 pm, February 22nd – purchase tickets here.

How much would it be worth to you or your business if you could be known as “the best” in your industry?

Everyone has something that they are “the best” at and with Social Media it’s easier than ever before to Read more…

Here is a powerful video on YouTube which shows the blinding growth of social media and it states, without a doubt, social media is here to stay while providing glimpses of the future where social media will dictate everything we see online:

YouTube Preview Image
Link to original video

Some great takeaway stats: Read more…

In the course of my day at StepForth I come across a ton of interesting stuff which I Tweet, Facebook, Stumble etc. on a regular basis. That said, the following are two pieces of media which I simply could not pass up sharing with you.

#1: Video: “A Life on Facebook”

This video was created by Maxime Léure and it is so brilliant I think it deserves Emmy consideration. What do you think?

YouTube Preview Image
Here is a direct link to “A Life on FacebookRead more…

Tune in to Monday the 16th of August’s episode of SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.FM where I (Ross Dunn) and my co-host John Carcutt interview Jon Henshaw and Taylor Pratt of Raven Internet Marketing Tools (affiliate link – this article is, however, a legit preliminary review).

In short, Raven Tools can help you with the following:

Website analytics, managing link building campaigns and tracking their success, search engine optimization, social media reputation and campaign tracking, keyword research, and… see more farther on as I outlined the list of features.

The August 16th show will delve into some of the unique (and very cool) reporting options and tracking functionality that Raven has integrated over the years. From discussing how Raven IM Tools has uniquely layered link building reports and ranking reports over top of your overall site analytics (powerful combination!) to learning more about their integration of, social mention and other popular metrics providers, this show is well worth a listen. That said, here is a little more about the show and my experience with Raven Tools since we recorded the program. Read more…

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Twitter Pushes Out Tweet Button

Twitter Official Tweet ButtonIt’s taken a little while but Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon and launched an official “tweet” button for your social icon set. Twitter made the announcement yesterday on their official blog. While this is not the first “tweet” button made available, it is the first official button put out by Twitter directly. Read more…

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

How to Become a YouTube Sensation

Becoming a sensation on YouTube is a lot of work but it is a passion for many and the how-to’s are plentiful in that open community. Today, however, I came across a series of videos that are incredibly inspiring and do a great job of showing how truly achievable it is to become a YouTube sensation. If you want to see what it takes for an everyday person to go from a YouTube noobie to superstar then read on! Read more…

Today in court Google won out over Viacom’s $1 Billion lawsuit, essentially showing that the court has decided that YouTube is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against claims of copyright infringement.

Viacom had sued YouTube over copyright infringement relating to the many video clips of various Viacom owned programming posted to the video sharing site. While Google has won a “motion for summary judgment” Viacom can still appeal if they choose to do so.

You can read more about this win over at the Official Google Blog and also at Search Engine Land.

An x-ray image of a woman in a seductive poseOver the years I have seen many great marketing campaigns that just made me say “wow”. You know the ones, the campaigns that are so off-the-wall, yet also brilliant that you think… “why couldn’t I have thought of that?” Well, I have decided to start posting these whenever I find them so that I can show clients or find them again when I need a personal flash of creativity. This one that I was shown today by my SEO Specialist, Scott Van Achte,  definitely qualifies! Read more…

When a graph showing an increase of unique Facebook visitors (March ’08 to December ’09) crossed my desktop at StepForth, one nagging question immediately entered my mind: Why doesn’t the number of Facebook visits have exponential growth? By definition, isn’t social media supposed to facilitate ‘Exponential’ — ‘Viral’ marketing, and shouldn’t the adoption of Facebook be a perfect illustration of this?

One conclusion: While Facebook may be ‘crushing’ the competition, market saturation may be close at hand (i.e. a growth plateau). Read more…

On February 14th, Danny Sullivan posted a frustrated Buzz about Google Buzz that lured me into making a few comments. Well, low and behold, but a man by the name of Josh Wills who is involved behind the scenes in Google Buzz jumped into the fray and listened. Yes, listened! I was so impressed, I thought I would share with you the conversation.

To set the tone, this all started when Danny Sullivan shared his frustration about how badly the reply system is designed within Google Buzz and that spawned a bit of a hackfest from other frustrated users.

Ross Dunn – Yes the whole thing is a confusing mess. I just don’t get what is going wrong over at Google. Have they lost perspective entirely? I am very disappointed; I actually had high hopes for them. I guess I have been taking it for granted that their products are well thought out. I won’t make that mistake again…

Josh Wills – @Alex is right, there is alot to fix. @Ross, I am sorry you’re disappointed.

Josh went on to discuss spam issues on Buzz. I will just show you the parts where we interacted from here on in. Read more…