Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Today's Social Media Linkforth

Virtual gifts may be nice but Facebook is putting actual goodies behind the way to spread cheer on their social platform in the UK. A UK company is behind the application to allow easy purchasing and sharing of Mars related products on Facebook. Once being sent a real chocolate bar on Facebook you can redeem it at local UK grocers.

Business Week explains why Social Media is a great business and market research tool. Social media is essential for advertising and building your on-line presence. New technologies gather and analyse data on products and services from throughout the blogosphere, news media sources, and on-line communities. They stress the importance of monitoring your online presence and the influence of social networks. They point to Google’s “growing ability to incorporate blog posts within Web search” to show the influence of social media content on the web.

Here are ten tools that should help any company keep track of whats going on within the social media world in relation to their business. These tools help you find out who’s saying what about you and your company.

Google is cashing in on video popularity as it is testing adding video to their search results page. Google is trying to draw your eye towards video images and provide interactive advertising to their search results.

Ever wondered how social media helps already established individuals build their image. NBA all-star Steve Nash is trying his hand at, a social networking and video sharing site. It fun to watch celebs like Steve Nash and Will Ferrel build their audience through social media channels.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Today's Social Media Linkforth

Combining marketing with social networks can be a great way to spread your message through word of mouth and viral marketing campaigns. If they become popular they will drive exponential traffic to your website. In “ What makes a Successful Marketing Campaign on Social Networks?” 9 key attributes are given that are shared by the social media campaigns.

I enjoyed this great interview of Jeff Quipp of Search Engine People as he gave his secrets of the SEO business. He placed SEO as part of your overall marketing strategy. He gave his views on linkbuilding, linkbaiting, an insiders guide for new bloggers,and how he became head of his own SEO company. He also looked into the crystal ball for the future of SEO and what search engines will be crawling some time soon.

Topix, a news site, will be providing discussion forums for NBC affiliates.

Yahoo has been making improvements on consumer satisfaction scores for Yahoo Search.

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Today's Social Media Linkforth

Things I found interesting while on the web today…..

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Google Introduces Social Graph API

Last week Google introduced the Google Social Graph API, a new application programming interface to allow wed developers to make better use of relationship data for social networking sites.

The new API will have a number of practical applications, with one possibility being the integration of a button to allow users to easily add friends.

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

The Sociology Of Social Media

While being hired on at StepForth Web Marketing our CEO, Ross Dunn, was interested in how someone with a background in sociology could benefit his company, specifically in understanding social media and how to market to it. Sociologists look at communities and try to dissect them as to what its participants have in common in addition to trends or commonalities within the communities.

Sociologists study society and social action by examining the groups and social institutions people form, as well as various social, religious, political, and business organizations. In essence it is the study of social interactions of people and groups. Read more…

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Today's Social Media Linkforth

Here’s a couple links I found interesting in my social research today

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Super Bowl Twitter Activity Plotted

While I was whooping and hollering over the final touch down by the Giants on Super Bowl Sunday I got a twitter from Chiropractic, a fellow Twitterer obviously as ecstatic as I was. It was quite cool to connect with someone in another part of the continent excited over an event we were both watching… it was kind of surreal.

Apparently getting a Twitter or two was a very common occurence during the Super Bowl. In fact, Twitter decided to plot the spikes in Twitter traffic during the Super Bowl with some cool results. As it turned out there was a spike in traffic during every critical point within the game. Click on the chart to see the larger more revealing version. Read more…

Here are some of the interesting articles and posts I came across today… it is a bit of a content spread 😉

On the always helpful advice of Michael Dorausch (a fellow Twitter user) I submitted my Twitter profile to the Twitter Pack Project. The Twitter Pack Project is a wiki where anyone can catalogue their Twitter address under a variety of categories:

So what is the point? To gain more followers and network more with people of like minds. It is a great idea and I am happy that I took the time to publish my Twitter profile (

If you have a profile be sure to post it on the Twitter Pack Project. If you don’t have a Twitter account give Twitter a try, I have not regretted it one bit. In fact it has taken me by surprise just how good a networking tool it is and how interesting it is to follow people’s everyday discoveries as they Twitter them.

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Expect QDOS (taken from ‘kudos’) to be on the lips of many over the next year. QDOS is a method to monitor and measure your own Internet popularity and, in the longer run, help you secure your online persona from identity theft.

Currently running in Beta in the UK, QDOS is planning to launch in North America in this first quarter of 2008. So how does QDOS calculate Internet status?

Read more…