An x-ray image of a woman in a seductive poseOver the years I have seen many great marketing campaigns that just made me say “wow”. You know the ones, the campaigns that are so off-the-wall, yet also brilliant that you think… “why couldn’t I have thought of that?” Well, I have decided to start posting these whenever I find them so that I can show clients or find them again when I need a personal flash of creativity. This one that I was shown today by my SEO Specialist, Scott Van Achte,  definitely qualifies!

Eizo Pin-Up Calendar 2010: ever wonder what a beautiful woman would look like if you had x-ray vision? Well this campaign by Eizo Medical Imaging really puts that to the test:

A woman posing seductively is shown in an x-ray - a great example of a viral advertisement.

Here are some more photos from this revealing campaign 😉