Becoming a sensation on YouTube is a lot of work but it is a passion for many and the how-to’s are plentiful in that open community. Today, however, I came across a series of videos that are incredibly inspiring and do a great job of showing how truly achievable it is to become a YouTube sensation. If you want to see what it takes for an everyday person to go from a YouTube noobie to superstar then read on!

A screenshot of the YouTube Five Year anniversary banner

In a nod to five years of success (wow just five!! – here is the first ever YouTube video), YouTube has asked general users and celebrities to submit their YouTube story – what it took to get them where they are on YouTube today. In most cases the stories are powerful and inspiring; either in a profound, against-all-odds aspect or from the simplicity in which a common person with a video camera and some time on their hands became a celebrity.

On the YouTube Five Year celebration page, you will encounter aspiring singers, comedians (sample from Nigahiga), characters, athletes, and much more. All of these people have one thing in common – they were all blown away by their success on YouTube and thankful for the opportunities it led to.

What about you? What video did you find inspiring? Are you going to take the plunge now that you have seen these stories? Please post your feedback here.