Summary of SEO 101 Episode 388

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Google is launching People Cards in India to allow individuals to create their own rolodex-like listing in Google (shades of authorship?), Google suffered a massive indexing glitch, Firefox renews with Google and you won’t believe how much money they make! Scott and Ross also discuss issues with Google News indexing new providers, an important tip on using caching plugins in WordPress, a major issue with the latest WordPress upgrade, and much more.

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Notes from SEO 101 Episode 388

Non SEO News


Fire tornados, temperature records, Beirut explosion… WTF


General SEO News


Google launches ‘people cards’ in Search 


Find jobs, recipes and products more easily on Search

“Next time you’re cooking, looking for a job or shopping for something new, try Search, and get a little extra help.”


Google & Firefox Renew default search partnership

  • Failure to renew could have been devastating for Mozilla – in 2018 95% of Mozillas income was from royalties tied to ad revenue totaling a whopping $451 M
  • Firefox has 4.3% market share globally, 7% in the US
  • Laid off 250 employees last week, 320 total this year


Google Suffers Massive Indexing Glitch (Aug 10)

Lead to this by: Here


WordPress 5.5 Update Breaking Sites

  • Shipped without javascript library ‘jquery migrate’
    (jquery migrate acts as a bridge allowing older code to function on WordPress)
  • Caused old plugins and themes to break that required this library


New Publishers Say Their Content Is Not Being Ranked In Google News

Screenshot of reply from Danny Sullivan debunking the “CNN Brasil” complaint


Beware of Caching Plugins

  • Creating numerous cache files on server, hosting account exceeded maximum allocation of 200,000 inodes (files) causing everything to crash. 
  • Litespeed Cache?

RD — Mention WP Rocket


Google Chrome to Start Warning Users About Insecure Forms

“Chrome 86 is due to be released on October 6, 2020. A beta release is scheduled for the week of September 3rd.”



Local SEO News


Yelp’s updated ‘Request a Quote’ and new ‘Nearby Jobs’ provide lead-gen for SMBs


Google My Business New Performance Metrics



Questions from SEO 101 Listeners


Ross and John also welcome some SEO-related concerns from listeners. Please listen to the show to find out their detailed answers to these questions.

Hii guys,

I am up here in Ladysmith and have enjoyed your show for years. I have a question that a client sent me, does this duplicate (plagiarized) content affect their rankings?



Any advice here is much appreciated.





End of Show Notes

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