So you are ready for a new website? Before you choose a web design company, there are a few things to consider. Take a few minutes and really understand what the intention of your site is. Some examples would be to buy or sell, inform, etc. Different companies have different websites for a reason.

Without the proper knowledge, you are risking your business’s online reputation, customer retention and sales. Overall, you can potentially waste a lot of money.


Below are questions to ask a potential web design agency:

A) Ask “Will I own my website, if your team designs my site?”

More and more often clients come to StepForth with website ownership issues. Some companies today unethically (in our opinion) own client websites, meaning in the future if you want to leave that marketing/web design agency, they will own the site they designed for you and the copy. All you will be left with is your URL if you ever choose to leave. Make sure you own your site! It saves so much hassle over the long term.

B) Ask “Will I be given the login credentials to my new website?”

Believe it or not, some clients come to us who don’t have access to their website.  Their current website marketing/web design agency will not release credentials. This is a red flag! You should always have access to your website, regardless of circumstance. Think of it like this –  you wouldn’t buy a home without being given the keys, right?

C) Ask “What is your web design process?”

It is important to understand the design process of your potential web design company.  As a client, you also have to understand there may be a level of engagement expected in the web design process. For example, there may be website elements you’re responsible for such as professional photos, copy, logo, videos etc. By knowing the role you play in the web design project, you can plan accordingly, avoid overage fees, and so on.

D) Ask “What content management systems do you use?”

This is a big one! Be sure to completely understand what content management systems your future web design agency uses.  If an agency will not disclose the content management system they use, or state that it is all custom code (not sustainable), this is a red flag. You want the agency to be using a platform like WordPress. WordPress is easy to use especially if you are not a ‘techie’ and the Divi theme makes it all the easier.

There is so much more to consider when wanting a new website, but don’t worry Part 2 is on the way!