Google has rolled out multiple updates this year including Google My Business new features for local businesses. The latest updates for Google My Business were officially announced on June 20.

According to Google, Google My Business has helped more than 150 million local businesses connect with potential customers and clients who are looking for their services online. And since its launch five years ago, GMB has vastly improved when it comes to interface and usability.

With the new features, local businesses can update and maximize the potential of their local listings. Now businesses can make their GMB profiles as unique and descriptive as possible.

Therefore, take this chance to make the most of your GMB listing and boost your Local SEO Ranking.

We have listed all the latest features you can use to maximize your listing and improve local rankings.

1. Add a profile cover photo

You can use this feature to showcase your business personality and what your brand is all about. Although it’s not guaranteed it will be displayed in searches, the cover photo automatically sets as the listing’s preferred photo.

2. Add a more prominent logo

Maximize branding opportunity by using the Logo feature. It will be displayed at the top right-hand side of the business profile.

3. Photo displays

Google makes the photos uploaded by a business appear instantly and prominently on a “new dynamic module” on the Profile. Photo captions are also coming soon, which will enable businesses to add stories behind the images.

4. Welcome offers

Attract new clients or customers and meet your sales goal with welcome offers. This feature enables you to share offers with new clients or customers and encourage them to follow your business on Google Maps. The offers can be received automatically and get saved in the Offers Folder once a consumer follows the business profile.

Welcome Offers

Google My Business Welcome Offers

5. Offline Promo Materials

Google launched a website where businesses can easily get access and download free custom assets such as stickers, posters, social posts, and more (reviews and highlights on a business profile). This new feature can help a business profile have vivid and interesting posts that can attract potential clients and customers. By adding your custom short name URL link on these offline materials, you’ll be adding a ton of value to your profile.

Offline Promo Materials

6. Short Names and URLs

With this new feature, businesses can now claim a Short Name and URL for the business from Google My Business Dashboard. These Short Names and URLs refer clients and customers back to the business profile to get the latest updates, make a booking, or write a review. This process also makes linking to listings much easier. Aside from what’s mentioned above under Offline Promo Materials, you can use your short name URL to add links to your offline material posts.

GMB Custom Short Name



Google My Business is a huge factor when it comes to Local Search Rankings. It is important to try and test out all the new features to make your listing stand out and to improve your online local presence. This is important because most online searchers are using Google Maps to find local businesses near their geographical location.

Google is continuously improving user experience on GMB by bringing customers and businesses together. We are still expecting more exciting GMB features from Google as some may not have been rolled out yet.

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