SEO 101 podcast on Cranberry.FMToday we are proud to share that our long-running podcast SEO 101 on WMF.FM (formerly WebmasterRadio.FM) was chosen to be among the Top 20 Marketing Podcasts of 2016 by This is SEO 101’s second time this year it has been chosen among the top podcasts; the previous was where it placed #13 out of 50 podcasts on Docurated.

Hosted by StepForth’s CEO, Ross Dunn and his good friend John Carcutt, the SEO 101 podcast has been on the air since early 2009 and having completed nearly 250 shows. The two cover everything search engine optimization, from the latest Google algorithm news and changes to the techniques required to maximize search engine exposure, to the ins and outs of basic-to-tricky search engine optimization campaigns. Both hosts have been SEOs for 19 years or more and are considered among the early pioneers of the industry.

“I consider the SEO 101 podcast one of the foremost highlights of my work week. I simply can’t believe how lucky I am to host a show with one of my best friends and that people enjoy it! Occasionally, I will have a phone meeting with a new client from somewhere around the globe who turns out to be a huge fan of the show. That’s just mind blowing to me. A big thanks to Cranberry.FM for producing and promoting SEO 101. A bit hat tip to Jorge Hermida (our producer) and his team who make us sound so much better – they are superb.”  Show host, Ross Dunn, CEO of StepForth Web Marketing Inc.

SEO 101 on Cranberry.FM has upwards of 30,000 downloads a month and has had guests/interviews with SEO industry personalities such as Google’s John Mueller, Stephan Spencer, David Szetela, Dan Thies, Martijn Beijk, Jennifer Laycock, Stoney deGeyter, Richard Zwicky, Loren Baker, Joost deValk, Mike Blumenthal, Pete Meyers, Jon Henshaw, Gil Namur, and more. Co-hosts and special guest co-hosts with Ross Dunn have included Jennifer Laycock, Jeff Quipp, Eric Lander, Scott Van Achte, and David Harry.

SEO 101 on Cranberry.FM airs every Thursday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST in streaming audio at and is later available as a podcast download. You can also find most of the past episodes on iTunes here.