In this episode of The SEO 101 Podcast, hosts Ross Dunn and Scott Van Achte delve into a major leak of Google’s search algorithms, revealing insights into over 14,000 potential ranking attributes, including the role of clicks, dwell time, link velocity, and the use of Google Chrome data. They also discuss the diminishing effectiveness of the disavow tool, the declining usefulness of Google Search Console links report, and bizarre errors in Google’s AI overview answers, closing with practical tips for link relevance, page structuring, and content originality.

Show Notes:

Google Search Algorithm Leak

  • Reveals intricate workings of ranking algorithm
  • Confirmed by Google with Barry Schwartz
  • Contains 14,014 ranking attributes across 2596 modules
  • Excludes Google’s scoring functions details

Dixon Jones

  • Made all variables searchable

Google Ranking Algorithm Insights

  • Uses clicks, sandbox for new sites, Chrome data, link velocity
  • Disavow not documented

Other Confirmations & Notes

  • Various demotion factors like SERP, Nav, Exact match, and others
  • Importance of location, font size, document truncation, originality

Michael King’s Takeaways

  • Length flexibility for Page Title
  • Emphasize fewer authors with subject expertise
  • Prioritize link relevance, originality, consistent dates
  • Exercise caution with old domains, focus on creating high-quality content.

Google Testing Blue Visit Button

  • Testing a large blue “Visit” button in search result snippets
  • Button links directly to the listed website
  • Potential for significant increase in click-through rates
  • Likely mobile-only for now

Barry’s Perspective

  • Barry skeptical about its integration into mainstream results
  • Emphasizes uncertainty with a “big if” statement

Google Testing Special Snippet Treatment for Reddit

  • Special treatment for Reddit search results observed
  • Shows upvote counts, comment counts, snippets from comments for more details
  • Potential connection to a content deal allowing Google deeper access to Reddit content, yet uncertain

Reputation & Expired Domains Abuse Reporting

  • Google introduces new options in SPAM reporting tool
  • Expired Domain Abuse
  • Site Reputation Abuse
  • Previous categories include Cloaking, Hidden text, Doorway pages, and Others
  •  Link to the SPAM reporting tool

Decline In Links Reported in Google Search Console

  • Google Search Console shows a 40% drop in reported links compared to recent data
  • Decline in reported links has been ongoing over the years
  • Third-party tools may provide a more accurate view of a site’s linking profile

Google AI Overviews Criticized

  • Google AI Overviews facing criticism for providing dangerous and inaccurate responses
  • Notable responses highlighted in the Search Engine Land post

Google’s Response

  • Google states examples are based on “extremely rare queries” and do not reflect typical user experiences
  • Emphasizes that the majority of AI Overviews offer high-quality information
  • Mention of extensive pre-launch testing and ongoing system refinement based on isolated examples


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