Join us as we unravel Google’s latest SEO updates, offering valuable strategies for achieving ranking success. From tackling low-quality content to understanding site reputation abuse, we explore the impact of these changes. Delve into the world of AI Overviews and learn how to navigate Google’s evolving search landscape effectively.

Show Notes:

  • Google’s March 2024 core update concluded after 45 days, with a 45% reduction in low-quality content.
  • Google now enforces a site reputation abuse policy, delisting portions of sites like CNN, USA Today, and LA Times for manipulating search rankings. Reputation abuse involves third-party content aimed at ranking manipulation, with exceptions for non-spam content like native advertising.
  • Google introduces a “web results” filter to display only text links, removing video, images, and non-text links.
  • A study by GA Agency reveals that 56% of top three Google positions are held by ccTLDs.
  • An alarming spam tactic on Google Maps involves multiple businesses with different addresses sharing the same location.
  • Google rolls out AI Overviews using generative AI, providing snippets of answers sourced from online content.
    • AI Overviews will show for complex queries and have a higher click-through rate; they can include incorrect responses that can be reported.
    • Featured snippets will continue to appear in search results alongside AI Overviews.
    • To opt out of appearing in AI Overviews, blocking Google completely is the only solution, though not recommended.


Google’s March 2024 core update rollout is now complete –  Detailed information on the completion of Google’s March 2024 core update, highlighting a reduction in low-quality content.
Google begins enforcement of site reputation abuse policy – Insights into Google’s actions against site reputation abuse, impacting major websites and their ranking strategies.
Google Web Filter Goes Live To Show Just Text Results & Links – Introduction of Google’s new web search filter, “web results,” exclusively displaying text links for search queries.
Study: 56% of Google’s top three positions are held by ccTLDs – Summary of a study by GA Agency revealing the dominance of ccTLDs in Google’s top three search positions.
Insane New Spamming Tactic on Google Maps – Discussion on a deceptive spam tactic identified on Google Maps, affecting multiple businesses sharing the same location.
Google rolls out AI Overviews in US with more countries coming soon – Introduction of AI Overviews by Google, providing answers to queries using generative AI technology.