Google head of search announces retirement. Amit Singhal will be succeeded by John Giannandrea, who leads the company’s artificial intelligence research.  Brands can now Edit their Knowledge Graph Data. You must be an Official Representative for the brand (just through a couple of hoops) They happen fast once you make the suggestions according the Barry. Google Crawl Rate increases not related to Algo update. Google “link” operator dead/in zombie mode

Local reviews NOT a Ranking factor for organic rankings. Knowledge graph clicks not counted in Google search console. France wants to Ban linking to a site without it’s permission…. AGAIN. Structured markup spam due to WordPress plugins. Google sending out manual action notifications based on usage of a Recipe Plugin. Some that have been possible culprits are WP-Ultimate Recipe, Ziplist, Yummly, and EasyRecipe Plus. Manual action based on spammy structured markup. AMP error test tool now in Google Search Console.

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