We recently realized that Google has the wrong postal Code for StepForth on our Google Professionals profile page. Thinking this would be an easy task to correct the address, I looked into Google to make the trivial 1 minute change.

Apparently I should have put aside the whole day to do this.

Google had our postal code as “V8W 1J1”, but it is actually “V8W 1H9”. Thinking this would be simple, I opend up the box to edit the company office locations, it seems one can not change the address. I have to add a new one and remove the old. 

This is a bit of a pain, but fair enough. So I add the correct address. When I click “Verify” Google thinks for a minute then automatically changes the postal code to “V8W 3S9”. Wait? What?  SO I try again, and get the same results.

Google seems to think that our postal code is different than it actually is. I have yet to figure out how to change this, but if anyone out there has encountered this issue please chime in with a comment! We can’t be the only ones experiencing this issue!