At the most recent Victoria Web Marketing Meetup we had a full house as Gil Namur, President and Creator of the popular ezine presented his secrets behind building his successful website. The reason Gil was chosen to speak was because our Meetup membership showed great interest on WordPress and he had a mountain of knowledge to share after creating on the WordPress platform using StudioPress and taking it from zero traffic to 200,000 Quantified visits per month (add 30% to get a more accurate number says his tests).

Life as a Human has over 200k unique visitors per month!

In addition, I know Gil personally and was convinced he would give a great presentation and indeed he did. To that end, you can view his presentation in all its glory below.

Oh and don’t forget to check out – it is great for those after work hours when you want to escape into some wonderful writing and with 80 authors there is a lot to choose from!

Please Note this presentation is over one hour and twenty minutes long in one sitting. So in order to watch the entire presentation you may want to review it in pieces. If that is the case, here are some links to allow you to watch it 20 minutes at a time via YouTube: start, the 20 min mark, the 40 min mark, the 60 min mark.

Links from the Secrets Behind Building a Successful Website

Gil noted a few areas of interest which we have included below for your convenience!