It is not often I jump on our blog and tell people to read another blog but this is a worthwhile exception! Ekatarina Walter, a social media strategist at Intel, An image of a thumbs up and thumbs down relating to Facebook's "liking" process.wrote an article for Mashable (an amazing blog if you don’t know of it already) discussing the top 10 tips for posting on your Brand’s Facebook page. If you have any interest in using Facebook for your company or you are using it but you feel a bit in the dark (most of us do) then you really need to read this! The 10 Tips for Posting on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

On a side note, I don’t post links on the blog like this very often but I do share great articles I find online all of the time using my StumbleUpon account (a WIDE range of articles) and my Twitter account (@RossDunn) where I link to more web marketing related content.