In parts 1 & 2 I have already discussed much of the onsite SEO factors, as well as some off site stuff such as inbound links and algorithmic updates. Here are some factors that are only slightly contributing today, but show a very strong probability of being major aspects tomorrow. If Google rankings are important to you, these are a few items you will want to consider seriously.

Social Media and its Impact on Organic

A few weeks into the new year, Matt Cutts officially announced that your social media presence may help improve your organic rankings. Now don’t get all excited and go gung-ho on stuffing your facebook and twitter profiles, that wont do you much good. The way to Google’s heart is by having established facebook and twitter users link to and reference your website, and your other social media profiles. If enough profiles that have a decent reputation start to reference you, it can have a positive spin on your organic search results.

Don’t bother creating dozens of phoney accounts, it won’t work. Instead direct your efforts towards promoting your brand and doing and posting things that will encourage others to talk about you and link over. In the long run you will benefit significantly, not only from a potential boost in organic rankings, but by a larger following in your social profiles leading to more branding, customer loyalty, and of course sales!

There is also some speculation that social profiles may actually start to become stronger than inbound links.

Google’s +1

This is one of Google’s newest editions. The +1 button at Google is Google’s rebuttal to Facebook’s “like” button. While it currently is not believed to impact organic search results, it really just a matter of time before this is an influential factor. There is no doubt that this will become a ranking signal, so better to get on the bandwagon now just in case.

To use +1, you must be logged into your Google account, and have +1 enabled within your Google Profile. Google may be requiring all Google accounts to have a profile page as early as this summer, so if you don’t have one yet, you may want to consider creating yours.

Clicking +1 essentially gives your vote, saying that you like that page. A record of what you have +1’ed can be found on your profile page for others to see. Keep an eye out, as these +1 buttons will be branching out from the SERP’s. Just this week Google rolled out “Plus One for Websites” which allows users to add the button directly to any webpage – making it even easier.

Well, that is our 2011 version of my 3 part series on how to optimize for Google. I hope you found some useful tidbits of information here that you can use to help improve your rankings, site traffic, and bottom line!