chart of the top 50 web properties of December 2007 according to comScore MetrixcomScore released statistics of U.S. consumer activity for the December ’07 holiday season. Included was the always interesting list of the Top 50 web properties:

“Yahoo! Sites continued its reign as the top U.S. Web property in December with nearly 137 million visitors, followed by Google Sites (133 million visitors) and Microsoft Sites (120 million visitors). Apple Inc., which benefited from interest in popular holiday gifts like the iPod and iPhone, moved up one spot to capture position 10 with 47.7 million visitors. Holiday shopping also lifted Sears Sites, which jumped 10 spots to number 21, Best Buy Sites, which rose 5 spots to 22, and JCPenney Sites, gaining 5 spots to position 40. NBC Universal, The Womens Network, and Weatherbug Property all entered the rankings this month capturing positions 48, 49, and 50, respectively.”