the GoDaddy LogoInternet domain registration and hosting giant GoDaddy is teaming up with Google to help clients enrich their web hosting accounts, according to a GoDaddy press release issued Tuesday.

Working as a pilot partner, GoDaddy has integrated Google Webmaster Tools into the hosting accounts of their customers.

This integration will make it easier for the average site owner to identify potential problems with their sites and to help improve their site’s visibility.

“When Google approached us about incorporating their product into our hosting accounts, it was an easy decision,” said CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. “Our customers are always looking for simple ways to make their sites easier to find and attract new visitors. Thanks to these easy-to-use tools, customers can quickly tap this valuable Webmaster resource without having to be technical wizards.”

Google Webmaster Tools allows site owners to get current indexing, link, and other information on how Google is evaluating their site. While this free service is available to everyone with a simple Google account, the integration right into hosting interface will certainly make it easier for some to access this information.

Enabling Google Webmaster Tools from within GoDaddy

If you have an existing GoDaddy hosting account log into your hosting control center. On the top bar you will see “Google Webmaster Tools”, click here to continue and then click enable.

The domain will automatically be verified with Google and you will find a large blue button to launch Google Webmaster Tools. This will bring you to a screen where you must accept Google’s terms of service to continue. Next you will find the standard Webmaster Tools Dashboard that we all know and love.

You can also use GoDaddy’s built in XML sitemap tool to spider your site, create, and upload the XML sitemap to your server. Once created, launch Google Webmaster Tools to submit the XML sitemap directly to Google.