Brilliant! Sometimes I think the folks at Google are too smart for their own good. Okay, perhaps I am a little too excited about this but I just love to see a good idea. Yesterday Google announced “Google Teacher Academy”:

“The Google Teacher Academy is a pilot program designed to help K-12 educators get the most from innovative technologies. The Academy is a one-day experience at Google’s Mountain View Headquarters where participants get hands-on experience with Google products and other technologies, receive instructional resources to share with colleagues, and share innovative instructional strategies with other local educators. Upon completion, Academy participants will become Google Certified Teachers and will be asked to lead at least three related professional development activities for local educators.” (source, Google Teacher Academy)

The pilot program is an extension of the “Google for Educators” resource section of Google. Unfortunately, the course is only accessible to Northern California K-12 educators but there are plans to role this out across the country region by region. If you are in the Northern California area and you want to be a Google Certified Teacher then you had better apply quickly because the deadline is October 22nd and the course starts November 7th.

“Google Certified Teachers” — I love it! Hmm, I wonder if certified teachers can ask for more pay? 🙂 Anyway, their marketing team deserves a heck of a pat on the back for this one! Of course, since Google seems to have something against their Canadian brethren (Google doesn’t allow Canadian companies to become Adwords Certified – unbelievable!), they probably won’t role this out in Canada. So sad and yet so true.