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Many thanks to the readers and responders who nominated our blog as one of the top search engine optimization related blogs of 2005. In the end, we did not win however, we feel honoured to have been nominated and are pretty much pleased with the results. Read more…

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

StepForth Blog Adds Comments Feature

For the past year, StepForth has published a bare bones Blog. We have not implimented features found on many other Blogs such as comments, trackbacks or tags.

We chose to publish our ideas and comments this way because, being the extremely busy people we are, we felt moderating a comments section on a fairly popular Blog would add too much time to our already action packed day. We already have a significant readership and, until now, have had no pressing need to see where or how far our words have travelled in cyberspace.

That’s all about to change. Actually, some of it has already changed. Earlier today we opened the comments section up, one of the first steps towards a much larger site and (by extension), Blog redesign. We hope the changes lead to more interaction with readers, other SEO practitioners, and webmasters. We strongly believe everyone who reads these words has something useful to share and that through the sharing of information, we can help in the effort to make the SEO/SEM industry more transparent and easier to understand.

Those interested in sharing their thoughts, opinions and/or ideas are welcome to register and participate in discussions. A special thanks to Ross (the Boss) and Mark (the VP) for doing the “heavy lifting” in our site and blog redesign.

The StepForth SEO Blog been nominated for an award from Search Engine Journal. That’s a nice way to start a Friday morning after a long and busy week. Huge thanks from StepForth to those who nominated us. That was the easy part. Now, anyone interested in voting for their favourite blogs has a much harder task ahead of them.

A quick scan of the nominees shows a number of well written and highly informative blogs readers can cast their ballot in support of, separated into five categories. Participants are asked to rank each nominee on a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being the highest score.

Best Search Engine News Blog

Pandia | MarketingPilgrim | | Search Engine Lowdown | Search Views | John Battelle Search Blog | Search Engine Watch Blog | Threadwatch | Google Blogoscoped | Search Engine Roundtable | Research Buzz | Top Rank Blog

Best SEO Blogs

StuntDubl | FishSEO | SEOMoz | SEO SpeedWagon | TextLinkBlog | SEO Black Hat | SEO by the SEA | Jim Boykin’s Blog | Link Building Blog | Stepforth SEO Blog | Matt Cutts Blog | Greg Boser’s WebGuerrilla | SEO Book

Best Search Engine Owned Blogs

Yahoo Search Blog | Ask Jeeves Blog | MSN Search Weblog | Google Blogs (All of them)

Best Search Engine Marketing and Contextual Advertising Blogs:

AdRants | Did-It Frog Blog | Got Ads? | JenSense | Google AdWords and Adsense Blogs (in general) | Marketing Vox | ProBlogger | Traffick.Com

Best Blog Search Engine Blogs Blog | IceRocket Blog | Daypop Weblog | Feedster Blog | BlogDigger Development Blog | blogpulse Newswire | Blog Search Engine | Technorati Weblog

As you can see, there is some stiff competition in the SEO Blog category. If you are interested in voting, please visit the Search Engine Journal’s 2005 Best of Search Blogs Awards at To anyone who participates, thanks for voting. And to other nominees, thanks for writing and sharing your information with others in the industry. Hopefully we can all teach each other another thing or two in 2006.

Here is yet another cool use of the Google Maps API. Earlier this week, Search Engine Watch Forums moderator Elisabeth Osmelowski created a Google map showing where hundreds of search engine optimizers and marketers are located. Read more…

Friday, August 19th, 2005

Going on vacation next week

I am taking a two-week vacation starting next Friday. That is a good thing too because the past four days have almost turned me off this amazing industry. A break from the silliness of the search engines and the pettiness of practitioner politics will do me a world of good. I’m also sure that the absense of my frantic presence for few weeks will provide a much needed break for the rest of the StepForth crew as well. 😉 Read more…

Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

2004 – A Year of Search in Review

This is the last edition of the StepForth Weekly News for 2004, making this the perfect time to write a retrospective before moving into the new year. The past year will be remembered as the most interesting year in the history of search, that is until this time next year. 2004 witnessed the end of the search engine cold-war and the beginning of what is likely to be an intense rivalry between Google and MSN. It also showed a clear demarcation between who’s hot and who’s not in the business of search. Read more…

The following article is sourced from Canada’s most prominent newspaper The Globe & Mail. This article can be found in its original format in the Technology section here. Read more…

One of the absolute joys of this job is virtually meeting some of the nicest people and new StepForth client Ron McIlnay is one of them. Ron is a formerly retired mechanical and electronics engineer living in western Washington State who runs a home-based consulting business specializing in electronics. From PCB design, materials and process to manufacturability consulting, Ron brings decades of experience and integrity to every job.

Ron’s website, presents a lengthy list of his expertise and personal accomplishments. If you are in the design or pre-manufacturing process, or are looking to improve your current products, a quick visit with Ron McIlnay might save your company time, money and headaches.

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

StepForth, (working quietly behind the scenes) is proud to be a part of the team that is introducing the world’s first accessible search engine for people with disabilities, YouSearched.Com. The search tool was developed by UK based philanthropist and entrepreneur Khalid Karrar, with technical assistance provided by StepForth CEO, Ross Dunn. Read more…

On December 5th 2003, Search Engine Optimization Inc. published and broadcast a newsletter in which the second article bore a striking resemblance to one of ours. Read more…