A screenshot of a local iconLocal search is hot.  Apparently 2012 is The Year of Local according to National Advertisers.

Google says 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Wow! But what about the other 3%? Do they ever leave their houses?

Google just revamped their whole local search business to embed it in Google+, so something must be going on around here and maybe they are after that other 3%.

If you ask me, I’ll whisper that local is pretty hot right now mostly because global is passé and people want their technology to be more relevant for their everyday local lives. This represents a huge opportunity for local business. I have a tendency to believe Google’s stats too because I always search for products online first before checking anywhere else. I never go to the yellow pages and hardly ever pay attention to the junk mail which I use to line the bottom of my parrot’s cage.

I know there are others doing the same. Checking online that is. Here’s an example: Read more…