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How to Get Listed in Bing Local Canada – Updated Oct 30 2014


UPDATE October 30th, 2014: Hello everyone. I have great news. As of a while back this tutorial is no longer necessary because Bing smartened up and now allows us Canucks to add our business and administrate the listing at The process is very straight forward but if you do have questions please post them in the comments. If I see enough demand I will rewrite this into a tutorial for the Bing Places setup.

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——- Here is the original article on the old method of Bing setup for Canadians ——-

Rejoice fellow Canadians! After years of crying foul and bugging Bing engineers at search engine conferences I can finally say that Canadian business owners can submit their business to Bing Canada for free instead of relying on YellowPages listings; which were an unreliable solution at best. What follows is a little more detail on the subject and a full walkthrough of the submission process and end result. Also, if you wish to see just how much anger and frustration the previous system created please see my article “Bing’s Local Listing Center Lacks Forethought” posted in 2009: yes 4 years ago, so you can count me frustrated (politely put) with them as well.

What Made Bing Get its Sh*t Together?

Sadly it seems we have no need to thank Bing engineers (or my significant prodding) for this advance in Canuck accessibility because it was Nokia who bridged the chasm. Nokia increased its already significant maps partnership with Microsoft to allow their Nokia Maps system to update Bing’s Canadian Local data. This all started, it seems, back in January 2012 but I can’t find any indication this bromance between the two companies included Canadian business submissions that early in the game. Anyway, if you go to Bing and try to submit your business you will now be redirected to Nokia Prime Place where you can  follow their submission and address verification process which I have outlined in detail further along in this post.

Interesting Sidenote: I have yet to find any article that directly announced the new access for Canadian businesses to submit to Bing Local. Odd isn’t it? So far the best examples of weak fanfare was this article announcing enhanced maps for many countries including Canada and this recent article by Greg Sterling rightfully discussing the confused air surrounding Bing’s Business Portal and Nokia Prime Place; however, neither had any connection to our new easy access to local Bingdom. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Submitting to Nokia Gets You Much More than Just Bing Local!

By submitting your business to Nokia Prime Place you are not only ensuring your business will be entered into Bing’s local listings but primarily Nokia Maps which happens to feed all NavTeq controlled systems; an excellent mapping company acquired 4 years ago by Nokia. As a result, you have access to the in-dash systems of automotive manufacturers like BMW, Honda, Ford and Volkswagon. In addition, Yahoo!, Flickr, Amazon and Oracle use their systems. As if this isn’t enough, Nokia has created which has free apps for iOS and all windows phones. It also works on any mobile browser quite effortlessly. Talking about bang for your time!


The Process of Submitting a Canadian Business to Bing Local Canada via Nokia Prime Place: In Detail

Step 1: Visit and you will be greeted, front and center, with a link stating: “Add or change your business listing in Bing using Nokia Prime Place.


A screenshot of a link stating: Add or change your business listing in Bing using Nokia Prime Place.


Additionally if you conduct a local search within Bing you will find the necessary link right below all of the local results.

A screenshot of a local search result on Bing offering business owners to submit or alter their listings

Step 2: Once you are taken to you can enter your business name and address information (click any of the following images for a larger version)

A screenshot of the Nokia Prime Place Home Page

Step 3: Fill in the Basic Info required to submit your company. Be VERY careful to use the exact syntax for your NAP (name, address and phone number) that you use across the web. This is an important element of local ranking algorithms because if your address looks different elsewhere it could effect the perceived legitimacy of your listing. You can also drage the marker shown on the map to more accurately pin-point your location. Tip! If you find it too hard to spot your location it is easy just to turn on satellite view using the small “Map view” button in the top-right of the image.

Step 1 of submitting your business to Bing Local using Nokia Prime Place

Step 4: On the next page “Show your business on the map” you will want to ensure your listing is correct as shown and then choose which verification process you want to use. That is, if you have a choice… I didn’t. Perhaps all Canadians will face the same thing where you are only allowed to verify by postcard which takes approximately 3 weeks to receive. The other option I know of which I haven’t seen but is offered at times is verification by credit card which, upon successful verification leads to instantaneous submission to Nokia’s system; an awesome option! If you are a Canadian and get this option offered to you please let me know.

A screenshot of the request to choose which address verification process to use for Nokia Prime Place

Next you are asked to put a person’s name on the postcard so it is delivered to the person managing the account.

A screenshot of the last step of the request to verify your location using Nokia Prime Place

Step 5: Your job is now complete until you receive your address verification postcard via snail mail. This is what the latest card will look like which we just requested; note it is a different address because we just moved and we had to go through this whole process again.

A photo of the Nokia Prime Place address verification card delivered to StepForth

 Once you have this address you need to go back and sign in to Prime Place and enter the PIN on the postcard. Once you have done that your profile is approved and will soon be live! I will include updated screenshots and such showing this stage and farther along as soon as I receive our latest card in the mail.

There is much more to come! But for now please feel free to post your comments and questions.

35 Responses to “How to Get Listed in Bing Local Canada – Updated Oct 30 2014”

  1. Greg Cooper

    Thanks for sharing this. Bing’s been on my radar for a while. I totally missed this announcement.

    Now playing the waiting game.

  2. Ross Dunn

    You are very welcome Greg, I am glad it helped and thanks for commenting.

  3. Meding44

    Thanks for sharing.
    Nokia in fact is the place to be in when it’s canadian listing but here are some down sides :
    1. everything go via email (communication).
    2. they can validate only 100 at a time. For more listings call needed
    3. You cannot edit or update your listing via the portal
    Well at least we know what to do !

  4. Joy

    Wow! Glad to see that Bing finally feels Canada deserves this ability lol. Thanks so much for posting.

  5. Amir

    Thank for sharing this nice info. keep posting. :)

  6. Ross Dunn

    You are most welcome Amir, thank you for the kind words.

  7. Mary Bowling

    Thanks Ross. I have a lot of students asking about how Canadian businesses can get listed in Bing and you’re the only one who seems to know! Do you have similar insight in getting them listed on Yahoo!Local?

  8. Ryan Elm

    Update, they will now allow for instant verification through automated phone call if you are sitting by that phone to take the call.

  9. Ross Dunn

    Interesting! That still doesn’t appear for my latest submissions. I wonder if it is randomized or if there is a credibility factor they are considering such as a Yellow Pages listing that can correlate your submitted data?

  10. Mark Kanty

    Wondering if anyone else is having this issue – I came across Nokia – – BING over six months ago and entered my business locations. They are all verified but when I search in Bing Local my profile doesn’t show. I just get this really poor looking Bing results listing. Anyone else having this problem?

  11. Adam Stone

    It now gives you 3 options:

    1. Document, scan a utility bill or an official doc wit the business details on it and sent to Nokia this take 2 to 3 days to get verified.
    2. Social Network which is Facebook and you must have your business page with at least 30 likes and this is verified instantly.
    3. Post Card, can take 2 to 6 weeks to get verified.

  12. Ross Dunn

    Hey thanks Adam! I appreciate the update. Inevitably they will be updating and improving this system. I wonder if people from all parts of Canada will see the same options?

  13. Ranjit Saini


    I have followed the process as described by you. Thank you so much for the information. do I establish that mt business is listed in the Bing local….?


  14. Lorne Fade

    Interesting that you have to go through Nokia to get listed on Bing…

  15. Lorne Fade

    I filled out the nokia form and have yet to get a response or email, so im wondering if it actually works?

  16. Larry James

    I am glad I found your article. I was finally able to get my business listed and a couple of my clients. Thank you.

  17. Ross Dunn

    That is great news Larry, thank you for letting us know. I love to hear our writing has helped. Cheers!

  18. Ross Dunn

    Hi Lorne, we have many responses from users who says it has worked for them. Have you received anything yet?

  19. Larry James

    Hey Lorne, I submitted 3 different listings on July 2nd. Today July 18th I received an email from Nokia saying “Your business locations are now live on” with a link to each listing. It works, if I have permission from Ross I would post a link to my listing on

  20. Zusatzinfo

    Thank you so much!! was very helpful, thanks for mention about the syntax 😀

  21. Ross Dunn

    Hi Larry, I am glad to hear it worked for you. Feel free to post your URL and thanks kindly for asking.

  22. Maria

    Hi Ross, thank you for the post. Do you know if toll free numbers are allowed. I went through the HELP section on Bing Places for Business and it doesn’t specify. Does each location/Branch has to have its’ own number or 800 number is allowed?

    Thank you!

  23. Brent MacDonald

    Brilliant – thanks so much for posting this. I just claimed my listing as I’d been so frustrated only US & UK were supported!!!

  24. paul

    I got the same 3 options as adam stone (comment from may 7, 2013). Location of business is rural manitoba. Thanks for the great article Ross. Glad I found it.

  25. Ross Dunn

    Hey Paul, thanks for the kind words and I am glad you found it too! I hope you get lots of business from it! Cheers.

  26. Ross Dunn

    Awesome! Congratulations!

  27. Ross Dunn

    Hi Maria, sorry for the late reply. I am not sure if toll-free numbers are specifically allowed but I would be surprised if they were. That said, I know area-based phone numbers are critical so never post a toll-free in the place of a local number – the local number is one of the few signifiers of legitimacy (when reviewing all the factors as a whole).

  28. Blaine Sato

    It looks like Bing Places is the new service to use for submitting Canadian businesses.
    I had this page bookmarked, but only once I started the process today did I realize that something new was up at Bing. I just went through the process, besides verification, and it’s very similar to Google Places and is pretty user-friendly.

  29. Thomas

    Hey Ross,

    Thank you very much for your detailed step by step process. I followed up and waiting for verification. Let’s see whether it works or not. Thanks again.

  30. Dan Carter

    Thanks. I had been trying to get a client listed now finally with your help i can get in. thanks buddy

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