Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Meta Keyword Tag is Dead for SEO


Okay, this is very old news. The meta keyword tag has been dead in terms of SEO for some time. Some speculate that it was never alive in the first place, but regardless of if it was ever anything, these days it is definitely dead.

Why am I writing about this ancient topic? Doesn’t everyone know this tag is useless? Well, apparently not. I still get asked by clients, and even random people who as me what I do for a living, about the keyword meta tag. My goal with this post is to reach just one person who thinks it will still help and set him/her straight.

Google doesn’t care. They ignore the tag. Its over – time to move on.

If you don’t believe me, no problem. Here what Matt Cutts had to say back in Sept of 2009, or you can check out this post from last year at the Official Google Blog.

8 Responses to “Meta Keyword Tag is Dead for SEO”

  1. Ron Bingham

    I don’t completely agree that meta keywords are dead. My friends who are our local gurus say the it’s 20% keywords and 80% back links today. Without still having keyword relevance, there won’t be any relevance to the keywords making keywords still needed. And what about Local searches? Keywords are still necessary and logically, Google can’t simply ignore them.

  2. Ross Dunn

    Yeah, if they are veterans in this field (not gurus please) they meant keywords on-site not Meta keywords. If they said Meta Keywords then I suggest they run some tests and rethink their position. Just my two bits. – Ross Dunn

  3. Raj - SEO

    It true. Meta keywords are Dead. And yes, keywords prominence on on-page always play key role as long as Google and other major search engines concerns over text and text based browsers!

  4. Scott

    Ron, I have to assume you mean the use of “keywords” and not “meta keywords” (Big difference here). Use of keywords within copy, titles, etc, etc, are definately still, and most likely always will be, an important part.

    The keyword Meta Tag (the topic of this blog post) is a brief tag found in the section of a page. ” This is the part that is not important any more.

    There is some talk that BING may use this meta tag to a very minimal extent, but even if that is true, they definitely do not place a weight of 20% on it.

    While I don’t think your friend meant the “keyword meta tag”, if he/she did, then I would seriously question their SEO knowledge, especially since Google themselves confirms the tag is dead.

    Hope this clarifies things.

  5. Scott

    Ron: Just checked out the site in your link. Just a tiny bit of Free SEO Advice – Update your Meta Description tag so that it is not just a list of keywords.

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Jane

    No, they are not dead… The Title tag is very significant. It is what shows in the SERPS, as well as the bookmarks and browser bar of the end user. A lot of my sites rank well based on the description meta tag.

  7. Scott Van Achte

    Hi Jane,

    I said nothing about the title tag or meta description tag being dead. Only the “Meta Keyword” tag. The “Meta Keyword Tag” is dead.

    I agree that the title tag and meta description tags are still important.

  8. Justin Gray

    For some reason i still use the meta keyword tag that way it should be used. I doubt that it ever does anyting but i always but a lot of thought into it.

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