Friday, April 9th, 2010

Google Incorporates Site Speed into Algorithm.


Well it’s official. Google is now incorporating site load speed into its ranking algorithm according to a Webmaster Central Blog post earlier this morning.

There has been chatter about this addition being in the works for some time, and if you ask me, its one that will significantly help to improve the overall quality of search results and end user experience.

Nobody likes to sit at a site for several minutes waiting for a page to load. How often have you had to click the back button and choose another result when the site you found in the top 10 just sat there and did nothing. Hopefully this update will help reduce the exposure to super-slow sites.

With this addition to the ranking algorithm, you now have at least two incentives to optimize your image sizes, and improve your load times. The first is the often overlooked conversion rates. A site that loads faster, typically sells more, and makes you more money. And now, if making your site faster will help improve your search rankings, that in turn will send more people to your site, and make you even more sales.

According to Google, only roughly 1% of search queries are affected by site speed, but if you are one of those 1%, you will definitely want to make some improvements to your site in the short term!

A while back I wrote about how you can improve your site load times. Be sure to check out “Website Slowing You Down” for a few ideas on how to improve things.

17 Responses to “Google Incorporates Site Speed into Algorithm.”

  1. yabate

    Thanks for sharing these information’s.
    1% is a little number, but when you calculate how much you get on a huge traffic from SERPs, than this 1% is a great :) or maybe a plus :)

    + users will be satisfied with site loading and rendering speed.

  2. Birmingham SEO

    yeah..about this I heard already regarding slow loading…Please provide the other google algorithms.. what you have ready to share..

  3. Email Templates

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve found Google page speed and Yahoo’s yslow instrumental in getting your website to load faster!

  4. Richie Western

    nice. i need tips from bloggers like yourself to have my websites up to par. good info, well assembled.

  5. mkvhelp

    Nothing need to worry about, since google just want to viewers have better user-experience.

  6. Wes

    Would you recommend an SEO company to optimize the load times, or is it a DIY type program. I am currently trying to increase my pagerank and am trying out the DIY route first off, but would like to know of any SEO companies that someone experienced in the industry might recommend.

  7. Ross Dunn

    Hi Wes, thank you for your question. First of all we can assist you with increasing your website’s visibility. Just let me know if you would like to discuss this further by submitting a service request on our website. Next I should tell you the PageRank the public sees is not worth paying any attention to because it is far removed from the PR Google uses in part of its algorithm. Fact is chasing PageRank is a distraction which can lead you to take valuable time away from other tactics which would increase sales and visibility at a faster rate.

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