Thursday, February 12th, 2004

AdSense Nonsense


In today’s feature article, we alluded to a scandal brewing around Google and, like most things Google, this is a big one. Google is having problems surrounding its AdSense program. AdSense is one of the most interesting distribution methods and those problems may brew over into a fraud investigation by the Federal Trade Commission! There is a lot of information to share about this story, more than we have room for in this section. Here’s the information directly from the (US) National Anti-Spam Registry website:

“The National Anti Spam Registry has seen an increase of fraudulent reports from several webmasters about Google’s Adsense program. We are reporting these incidents to the public and for those webmasters that feel they have been the victims of this apparent fraud that is being reported. The National Anti Spam Registry is not responsible for any statements that have been made as these statements have been reported to The National Anti Spam Registry for publication. We have omitted the names and contact information from all statements, as The National Anti Spam Registry will be forwarding all reported information onto our attorneys on behalf of the alleged victims of this Internet fraud, The Federal Trade Commission for investigation. If you believe your website has been a victim of any Internet fraud please contact us immediately.” from, National AntiSpam Registry website. Check out the link and read the entire passage. Google is going to have another problem to add to its issues…

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