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What is SEO: How It Can Help Your Business?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is defined as the action one takes to optimize their online platform for indexing and ranking. So, why is this important? Achieving high rankings increases overall visibility – it is similar to how you would list a house for sale; you disclose specific information, the size of the house, great photos, price, features, and benefits to increase interest. Google acquires this information and then uses ‘spiders’ to the crawl the website. These spiders follow links straight to your site and then crawl your websites internal linking structure. It looks at your ‘listing’ and marks it against different criteria to be indexed. Google then evaluates your website and rates its usefulness, quality and trustworthiness. By implementing SEO practices, you are helping your online platform be found.

The Analogy: Website Visibility With SEO

Imagine a house with a yard surrounded by tall shrubs. People walking by can only view bits and pieces of your property. When viewers are invited ‘in’ can they see the entire yard and house. The same analogy goes for your website. Imagine your PPC’s, ads, social media, guest writing, promotions, ratings and reviews are all flowers and shrubs in the landscaping of your yard. Your ‘yard’ needs curb appeal to make your website enticing and inviting to people. Your landing page, internal blog posts, original content, offerings, products and services are your home. It is important to have these processes in place for people to notice your yard then hopefully your house. SEO is so important because it gives your ‘house’ more visibility in a crowded neighbourhood.