Stepforth is offering a ‘Free Review’ of your current PPC account to help better optimize your campaigns!

If you have an active Pay-Per-Click account with either Google or Bing, or if you are just starting to consider one, StepForth can help guide you in the right direction.

Our talented team of experts are here to offer a ‘Free Review’ of your current PPC account to help better optimize your campaigns. Better optimization leads to improved quality scores helping drive your cost per click down while increasing conversions.

With a free review we take a look at your current account to find any opportunities and suggestions for better improvements. Google’s suggestions for better account productivity usually revolve around spending more money either as a total budget or an increased cost per click. StepForth is a bit different in that we try to find ways to optimize your account for better quality scores to increase productivity.

For example, a client with a fixed monthly budget whose account is getting shut off every day because of hitting the budget, Google will recommend increasing the daily budget. But with StepForth we try to increase quality scores with better optimized text ads, keywords, and/or keyword matching which will help lower your current cost per click to achieve more traffic for your set daily budget.

For those starting new PPC accounts StepForth is able to provide you with promotion credits amounting up to $300 when an account is maintained along with a minimum spend for your first 3 months. Everyone loves free money, and Bing offers similar promotions as well to help get new campaigns underway.

Now you may ask yourself “Why would I need a PPC account for search engine traffic if I already have good organic rankings and traffic from the Bing or Google?”

By running a paid ad campaign alongside your strong organic rankings will help to reinforce your position in the eyes of those searching for your business. This can help make you stand out over your competitors and dominate the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). Running a PPC campaign also gives you an opportunity to obtain traffic for search terms that your site may not rank strongly for. These could include specialized terms, competitor names, or other highly targeted phrases.

Lastly, these pay per click accounts have the option of setting up conversion tracking for various types of sites. Identifying specific returns from your ad campaign helps to pinpoint what aspects of your campaign are offering the most value.  This is extremely important for paid marketing efforts so you can put your money where you will get the greatest return.

After a campaign is activated and enough data collected we start to see a picture of which ads and keywords work well with your site. This allows us to refine the campaign by updating bids, adjusting ads, adding and removing keywords, and making other adjustments and recommendations. These refinements result in your budget being spend on higher quality, higher converting ads and keywords, while reducing the low quality traffic.

Overall StepForth has the skills and the experience to help make your brand stand out increasing sales and cutting into the competition. Contact us today to learn how we can work together to improve your visibility and help your website be found.