Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single place that offered insightful, useful tips on all of the social platforms we love? Well now there is. It’s called SocialMediaTips.com. The site was launched (by us!) this week. It is based on a crowd sourced model and will allow anyone who logs in the ability to leave their own tips on a variety of popular social media platforms.

What’s so Great about Social Media Tips?


Tips are Current

Isn’t it frustrating when you try and figure out how to do something, and you come across how tos that were written several years ago? Irrelevant social media tips are everywhere and are not helpful. This site will allow people to flag out of date information and post their own updated tips.

Tips Can be Sorted by Platform and Type

Often when you are in search of a social media tip you are looking for a tip for a particular platform. Reading material that is too general or encompasses networks you don’t care about is a huge time waster. Social Media Tips allows you to sort tips by platform so if you only want to see tips about Pinterest, you will only get tips about Pinterest. Say you want to narrow it down further than that and only see tips about Pinterest relating to marketing or privacy, well you can do that as well!

Tips are to the Point

Who has time to read massive blog posts these days? Wouldn’t it be nice if that long drawn out post was condensed allowing you to still obtain the valuable information but leaving out all of the fluff? Social Media Tip’s structure is designed to do just this. Each tip is crafted in 300 characters or less. Some posts require a little more explanation and will allow you to expand the content. However even these posts still summarize themselves into the short 300 character tip!

Tips are Crowd Sourced

Do you stick to one or two sites to get the bulk of your social media information? This can save you a ton of time but could also prevent you from getting a broad perspective of ideas. There is no right way to use social media. Social Media Tips recognizes this. That’s why we allow anyone who logs in the ability to leave a tip. This allows for a ton of different perspectives from all types of people.

Not convinced yet? Give it a try for yourself. Because it’s a new site, we’d love your feedback!  This site was built for you so if there is something you want added or modified, tell us and we’ll do our best to make the change.