A photo of the article "Thumbs Up for StumbleUpon's Marketing Platform" from the Fall Edition of the Search Marketing StandardStumbleUpon is so rarely thought of when it comes to marketing that it seemed perfect to write about the advantages it offers in an article for the Fall Edition of the Search Marketing Standard which is available in print at marketing events around the world or online.

The article is called “Thumbs Up For StumbleUpon’s Marketing Platform”


Here is an excerpt from the article available online or in the latest print magazine:

StumbleUpon  (SU) is my favourite tool for creative inspiration and web discovery but from a marketing perspective the site is not necessarily a good fit for all companies looking to increase targeted traffic to their website. The key to knowing if StumbleUpon is right for you is to intimately know your target market which I have to assume you do for the purposes of this article.

A Short History Lesson & Some Metrics

Founded in Calgary, Canada in 2001, StumbleUpon  is considered a “discovery engine (a form of web search engine) that finds and recommends web content to its users” according to Wikipedia.

A photo of the front cover of the 2012 Fall Edition of the Search Marketing Standard

The following are a few of the key metrics StumbleUpon collects:

  • How much time you spent on a piece of content versus another piece of content
  • Whether or not you shared out to another network
  • If you click on the page you were sent to using SU they can detect that action and analyze the reasoning behind the click for further personalization
  • Thumbing up or thumbing down content

The rest of the article focuses on the lesser known ways to use StumbleUpon to generate traffic that can simply blow your mind – no kidding!

Anyway, obviously I can’t post more of this article here because it is exclusive to the great people over at The Search Marketing Standard but that’s okay because you can get access to my article and literally thousands of other fascinating articles on search marketing; all you have to do is subscribe (it is cheap for what you get!). Anyway, I hope you check it out and if you have any questions about my article after you read it I will be happy to help and answer them as I can.

All the best! Ross Dunn

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