Meta Keyword ZombieHide your websites, lock up your source code, stay safely in your servers behind your firewalls – The Meta apocalypse is here!

Only a matter of hours after we posted the official obituary for Meta Keyword, he is back and with a vengeance. Mr. Keyword has risen from the dead and is rampant, threatening SEO campaigns and marketer checklists on news sites everywhere!!

It seems that some evil plotting by this SEO demon has allowed him to slip into Google Headquarters and infect their entire organization once again. Is Matt Cutts safe? No word yet, but I suspect that considering his position on the Web Spam team, old Mr. Black Hat Keyword will be heading straight for him

For now he has convinced Google to bring him back from the dead, this time with a new alias, “news keywords”. Meta Keyword is starting his long journey back to the top by targeting news sites listed in Google News. Will he survive this second chance? Only time will tell… but we are certain we don’t like where this is going.

Egad if this keeps up maybe Hidden Text will wandering the Google Halls soon… dire times indeed.


For more on this HORROR story: check out the official post from Google called “A Newly Hatched Way to Tag Your News Articles” and “Back To The Future: Google Announces A Meta Keywords Tag Just For News Articles