There are quite a few online subscriptions I read regularly and the one I read pretty much on a daily basis is ‘The Best Article Every Day’. The articles tend to be short and informative.

For example, today there was an article entitled; ‘15 Noteworthy Websites That Changed the Internet’ by Cameron Chapman. Pretty much everyone agrees that Wikipedia, Facebook and Amazon changed how we search for, relate to, and purchase items online. But did you know Project Gutenberg has changed the way people read, as they created the first ebooks for free and Pandora, one of my favorites, allows me to create my own playlist that reflects my personal musical interest vs listening to a pre-programmed radio station that tends to play the same songs to ad nauseam. And of course we all know Google keeps changing how we interact with the internet.

Speaking of Google, with the launch of Apps Marketplace, Kevin Purdy recommends 10 apps for both personal and business use. Some of which you may definitely find worth downloading and/or purchasing.

For those of you thinking of, or are working with WordPress there are ‘6 Critical Plugins you should have installed’. Jacob Gube states, “site owners can extend and tailor their WordPress installation to meet their needs” but that because plugins can affect a website’s performance you need to be very selective when choosing which plugins to install.

Many of us understand ‘Social Networking Overload’ but what to do? Jared Newman shares tips on ‘how to work around, ignore, improve or fix’ ‘The 15 most annoying things on the Internet’.

Thank-you to the above for making my, and I am sure, everyone’s internet life much easier.