Google saw more searches in June than May, but also a decline in market share.

According to comScore, Google has seen a small decline in its search market share for June 2010 with Yahoo and Microsoft both increasing last month.

Google is down 1.1% to 62.6% total share of searches, while Yahoo and Microsoft sites (including Bing) have both risen 0.6% to 18.9 and 12.7 respectively. For anyone out there still keeping tabs on AOL and ASK, AOL shows a drop of 0.1% with Ask at no change.

While their percentage of search share has gone down slightly, Google saw an increase in search queries by about 1% or roughly 134 million searches. Microsoft saw an increase of about 152 million searches, and Yahoo with the biggest increase jumping up with an extra 206 Million searches.

All in all Americans conducted an estimated 16.4 billion searches in June 2010, up about 3 percent from the 15.9 Billion in May.