So much of what I discover on a given day in the search marketing industry is via Twitter. When I find interesting and occasionally hot stories I note them on our @stepforth account and/or my @rossdunn account. Since our blog often suffers from my Twitter distractions I felt I had better provide a summary on the busy days. Thus, welcome to our very first Tweet Update for June 5th, 2009:

  • Did Bing Just Leapfrog Yahoo Search? According to Statcounter Microsoft’s new search engine Bing looked to have trumped Yahoo’s traffic – already. Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land threw some much needed light on this topic and did a decent job proving that although Microsoft’s search share increased dramatically it was far from trumping Yahoo’s. Of course many (including myself) believe the dramatic leap in traffic is just a statistical aberration due to the shiny new toy it is; everyone plays with the new toy for a short time at least. Time will tell if Bing is going to be a favourite toy for many or just a shelver.
  • Check out “Bingle” to get a side by side comparison of search rankings on Google and Bing.
  • Google’s Matt Cutts answers “Is there a limit to the number of pages Google will index on one site?” in video on the Google Webmaster Central Channel.
  • Twitter may be adopting a pay per tweet model says this red hot article posted on Twitter today.
  • @microsoft_cares surprised me by responding to my admittedly snide remarks doubting the rumor that the Windows 7 update may be free for Vista users of Home Premium and above. The answer was “There will be upgrade licenses, some computer manufactures will offer free upgrades for computers purchased after a certain date.” Big kudos to Microsoft for having such a proactive presence on Twitter! Wow they are really pulling all of the stops these days!

There you go. I know I missed some news here and there but it is almost the 6th of June so I figure I better post this now! Have a great weekend everyone.