As posted at Yodel Anecdotal, Yahoo has developed and launched a new website targeted at women. Unveiled on Monday, Yahoo! Shine “features the best writers and bloggers in women’s publishing”. It helps “connect like-minded women, share stories, and more”.

Shines editorial team features editors from Lucky, Jane, and the Wall Street Journal. They created Shine to appeal to a large demographic of women and give them a “smart, dynamic place for women to gather, get info, and connect with each other”.

Content found on Shine is derived from some the best of the best, and features works from women at Glamour, Self, Cosmo, Women’s Health, and more. Shine does not focus on “how to please a man” or “lose 10 lbs fast” but rather more real world, intellectual content, as well as entertainment news.

While many women appreciate and seem to be quite pleased with the site, this is not the case across the board. One woman commented “It’s a rather scary thing that Shine is being pushed as the place for women when all that’s on here is fluff.” In a reply to that post another writes “Yes I have to agree sadly. I hoped it would cover more real issues but seems to sadly fall inline with too many women’s magazines.”

If they can boost this site to appeal to the majority of women then this is a great move on the part of Yahoo, Just look at all the money Oprah has made creating an empire geared primarily towards women! I’m curious to see how well this site ends up doing, however, aside from visiting Shine today to write this article, I doubt I will personally be spending much time there. Time to go rebuild a carburetor or watch some football.