In an effort to help out Yahoo with its revenue problems, Yahoo has hired Joanne Bradford, a former Microsoft Corp. Executive.

Yahoo announced the recent hire in a press release Tuesday. Bradford was Microsoft’s head of their Media Network and resigned back in March after a 7 year stint with the software giant. She then joined Spot Runner Inc as their Executive Vice President of National Advertising Services before being swept up by Yahoo.

“My decision to come to Yahoo! was simple because there is no other company that combines one of the world’s most recognizable brands with unparalleled reach, industry-leading products and programming, and a full spectrum of advertising offerings for marketers,” said Bradford. “I am convinced that the very best days for this company are ahead, and I want to leverage my experience in programming, distribution, and selling to help Yahoo! take this business to the next level.”

Bradford will be assigned the title of Senior Vice President of U.S. Revenue and Market Department. A rather large title probably compensated with an equally large pay check.