While I was whooping and hollering over the final touch down by the Giants on Super Bowl Sunday I got a twitter from Chiropractic, a fellow Twitterer obviously as ecstatic as I was. It was quite cool to connect with someone in another part of the continent excited over an event we were both watching… it was kind of surreal.

Apparently getting a Twitter or two was a very common occurrence during the Super Bowl. In fact, Twitter decided to plot the spikes in Twitter traffic during the Super Bowl with some cool results. As it turned out there was a spike in traffic during every critical point within the game. Click on the chart to see the larger more revealing version.

As an aside, I just have to say that I love social media! It is such an amazing medium and it just seems to grow and grow as leaders in thought conceptualize new methods of utilizing it; new social properties seem to launch weekly or even daily. In fact, I find it overwhelming trying to keep a grasp on this medium so I welcome any and all help and so does Andrew Clough, our new social media marketer in training who will be debuting his first blog article tomorrow.