Today comScore released the search engine rankings for January 2008 and although the leaders of search are still holding strong to their positions has experienced 20% growth! By far, ASK has shown the most significant improvement of all search properties. Furthermore when the report included all of the Ask Network the growth still trumped all other networks with 14.7% growth; the network includes other search properties such as, , etc.

After all was said and done Ask only had 477 million searches in comparison to Google’s 6,181, million searches… a substantial difference to put it mildly. That said, it is great to see growth at Ask because I see it as a vastly underrated search engine; it has evolved into a leader of Web 2.0 search. I was so impressed with Ask I determined it was well worth writing an article on How to Optimize for Ask.Now About those Other Guys
In other news, in order of their overall traffic share increased its search share by 9.4% followed by’s more modest 4.3% growth and Microsoft’s experienced an impressive 10.5% growth.